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Mysterium: The Board Game
by Asmodee Digital
Average Rating: 8.8/10
Reviews: 37

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Mysterium: The Board Game Positive reviews

5 out of 5
Love it!

Easily one of my favorite board games and it translates well in the app version

By Em from Cleveland.
August 25, 2017
4 out of 5
Great game - one annoying bug

great game, well executed. however, please fix the disconnect issue when switching apps. this makes it very frustrating πŸ™‚

By Opethel.
July 25, 2017
5 out of 5

This is the best game in the whole wide WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

By Bromie456.
July 25, 2017
5 out of 5
You've got to know the Board Game...

This app actually does an amazing job of capturing Mysterium... a game that isn't everyone's cup of tea, but has been a huge
success at my house! If you're looking for Angry Birds or fast action, look further... This is a different type of game...

The art work is amazing. The mood is well set

By nrbryant1956.
July 20, 2017
5 out of 5
Love it

great game. love the graphics. nicely implements the features from the board game.

By Ofse77.
July 19, 2017
4 out of 5

Enjoyed playing with my family. Only frustration was being unable to enlarge the cards to examine their details.

By MamaLoon.
June 30, 2017
4 out of 5
Story Mode won't work on phone

I LOVE this game board game wise. Have been playing it for years and converted others into lovers of the game!! Bought the app
during a discount time they were running. It suggests to start in story mode but when you do the round as a ghost it won't allow
me to choose a psychic to go with. So I just

By Bbpnhwiebfvdn.
June 23, 2017
4 out of 5
No sound!

Love the is game. I have the physical version and this is really close but would love the sound for effect! Don't know what the
problem is. That's the only reason it's getting 4 stars. Otherwise great.

By cz28.
June 23, 2017
5 out of 5
Cheaper than the physical game

I've been wanting to get the actual tabletop game, but a lack of time to gather my friends and the cost has kept me from getting

This is completely scratching that itch. And better yet if I do play the physical game again I'll be well versed in the rules.

Don't hesitate to get it.

By Frogstik.
May 12, 2017
5 out of 5
Great game and very good port

Works really well. Lobby and in game chat works real well

By 52PickUpGambit.
May 9, 2017
5 out of 5
So fun

If you've played the board game, you'll definitely enjoy this.

By Zusu15.
May 1, 2017
5 out of 5
More Story!

I love this board game and I love the app version too! It is just as beautiful and I really enjoyed story mode - I hope they will
continue to expand that aspect. I hope more and more people gain interest because it is such a fabulous game that has translated
to digital so well!

By Kelizawz.
April 26, 2017
5 out of 5
Great game. Great app

i recently got this board game. i was pleased to see it also has an app and also can purchase for pc on steam. the interface is
very intuitive! they have done a great job on this app.

By Jwg335.
April 25, 2017
4 out of 5
Crashes 100% of time

A worthless app tested by monkeys. Crashes 100% of time in the tutorial. Crashes nearly 100% of time outside tutorial.

Update 4/24: Asmodee did eventually fix this issue. So I updated my review.

By Jeff near fantasyflightgames.
April 24, 2017
4 out of 5

This game is a lot of fun. Kind of like dixit but with more of a theme on it. I can't seem to find anyone to play with online
though. Hopefully this app will get some traction and people will be playing. It really is great.

Update: found people to play today. This will only get better as more peopl

By Tipp1981.
March 26, 2017
5 out of 5
Love this game

beautiful art. fun visual associations. pretty good ai game.

By staastao.
March 23, 2017
5 out of 5
Great game for thinking outside the box.

i have the board game version but have only had the chance to get enough people together to play it once. this online version
offers the chance to play with players online or with ai.

the developers did a great job bring this game to the ipad. come join us!

By aMusedToo.
March 15, 2017
5 out of 5
Cool game

I played the board game a few weeks ago and loved it. I was hesitant to purchase the app do to all the complaints. I have been
waiting to see what bugs were being fixed. I made the jump to buy yesterday because the price was dropped to $4.99. First
complaint that I figured out was you need to go to

By Rowdythunder.
February 15, 2017
5 out of 5
Fantastic adaptation

this is a great game! the ai in the story mode is a little difficult to understand and there aren't very many people that play
online, but i've played online and through the story mode with no bugs at all
. i can't recommend it enough.

By ARESgodofwar.
February 6, 2017
4 out of 5
Seems Fun

Fortunately, I'm not having any crashing problems. Maybe that's because I'm on an iPad Pro, but... The game seems fun. Got through
the first story mission just fine and am moving on. Hoping to try multiplayer soon. Hopefully we'll see more board games hit the

By Flern.
January 23, 2017
4 out of 5
Great game

This is a beautiful game, the board game is even better! I would absolutely recommend this game to anyone!
So, now you are asking, "Why a 4 rating?". The four is because it works wonderfully on my iPhone. It however does not work on my
iPad. I make it to the point when the game should start, it the

By 49mict.
January 19, 2017
5 out of 5
Great game, will be better when more players

great game, but i hope more people buy it and play it online. i wish you didn't have to create an account to play online, but it
is fairly easy. i can't see a way to recover your password if you forget it though, so i hope they fix that.

By @ng31 0n3.
January 18, 2017
5 out of 5

If there's a negative review here, it's probably regarding a crashing issue (which will eventually be fixed). I, however, haven't
had a single issue. I'm amazed at how beautiful every aspect of this game is. It's also incredibly unique. If you love board
games, this is a no-brainer.

By Baron-Munchausen.
January 18, 2017
5 out of 5

great version of the real game. i like it better because ghost cant give clues by inadvertent facial expressions or noises, etc.
usually flawless gameplay. needs more players in lobby

By Tarheel1990.
January 17, 2017
4 out of 5
Awesome game. Needs better connectivity

this game is great. it's so much fun when it works correctly.

i have been a fan of this board game for years.

however i noticed there are a lot of networking issues. lots of dcs. i think that when your game depends on a multiplayer
userbase, your servers need to be tight. they don't feel insanel

By Idiotsavant07.
January 17, 2017
4 out of 5
I hate to agree. UPDATED

I bought this today with high hopes. So far I haven't been able to get it to work at all. I make my selection and the game closes
down. I hope this issue is resolved quickly. The board game was lots of fun, but this is nothing but an irritating screen shot at
this point.

UPDATE: Newest version seem

By Rtgreen8972.
January 17, 2017
5 out of 5
Really fun coop multiplayer

i've played the board game but was nervous about how it would translate to digital when much of the fun comes from hanging out
with friends
. however, pick up multiplayer games with strangers are totally fun as well. community is talkative and helpful.
highly recommended!

By Fring0605.
January 15, 2017
5 out of 5
Board gamers won't be disappointed

if you have played the board version then this will be a great transition.
the negative reviews come from a misunderstanding of expectations. i understand the complaints, but most of them don't apply once
you understand the reason for the process. to change this app to appease the negative reviews

By UsurperDave.
January 14, 2017
5 out of 5

Very slick and polished app. Plays like cooperative Dixit.

By Brandonleehelm.
January 13, 2017
5 out of 5
Great game!

What a blast! Ran perfectly on iPad. Played first two chapters of story to learn game basics. Then plunged into multi player
which is awesome.

Key is to chat with your team to try and solve the puzzles.

Strongly recommend.

By gamefan2010.
January 13, 2017
5 out of 5
Loving this!

having never played the physical game, i can't compare the two, but being new to this game, i can say i am loving this! the
tutorial is good at explaining the basic gameplay strategies while being engaging and not overwhelming and the game runs perfect
on my ipad air2
. people who are saying it crash

By AlaskaDaveAK.
January 13, 2017

Mysterium: The Board Game Critic reviews

3 out of 5
Guess u need the physical game

Beautiful well made app but really makes no sense to me.

By crispee.
July 29, 2017
3 out of 5

i've played the physical game many times and this app is a pretty good reflection of the game. being the ghost in story mode is
weird, not knowing why the ai didn't "get" the clues i gave them. still working through the game, so i'll update my review later!
the most frustrating thing right now is in

By Steffox.
June 10, 2017
3 out of 5
Not enough people to play with

Game play is fun. Usually there aren't enough people to play with. Maybe if it wasn't $6.99. I don't know.

By BrittaPA.
April 28, 2017
3 out of 5
Great game but needs update!

Love this game and I feel it plays well on the iPhone or iPad. I would like to see an update that would show the active games with
number of players and start time. This way I could gauge if it's worth waiting for more players before we start a game.

By 1ofakindwork.
April 1, 2017
3 out of 5
No one around...

I love this board game and purchased it on the iPad because I wanted to play with others more often than I get to in real life.

There was no one online. Ever. Tried many times and never saw anyone. Ever. Always told me that there were "No games found".

It's still okay solo but if you want to play

By RukiaKurosaki.
February 13, 2017
3 out of 5

Multiplayer support is lacking. Currently the only option is to play with random people online. Needs asynchronous multiplayer
gameplay so the game doesn't have to remain open the entire time, and needs a way to invite friends to private games.

By bonebox.
January 22, 2017


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