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⋆Mahjong User Reviews (United States)

Reviews: 90 Avg. Rating: 9.2/10

Positive reviews

4 out of 5
Bug fix? Don’t think so.

Bug fixes 17 hrs ago? Locks up after xing out of an advertisement on my iPhone SE have to shut down and reboot the phone to unlock

Love the game. Will uninstall for now and check for update later.

By Gaston2155.
January 4, 2023
4 out of 5
freezes up

I love this game! But something makes it freeze up and the only way I can fix it is to come back later or delete and download it

By wirebender 40.
January 5, 2023
4 out of 5
Great game but would like 1 addition

I enjoy this game very much but could you add an option to show where I made the wrong move(s) and why - plus how I can make
better moves. As you can see, I am new to playing mah jong and want to become a better player. Thanks.

By 4elks.
January 8, 2023
5 out of 5
Exceptional Mahjong

This is a great game and app. Nicely designed and aesthetically pleasing, it is more sophisticated than most mahjong apps!

By Katerator1.
December 16, 2022
5 out of 5
Favorite Mahjong

My favorite Mahjong game. Like being able to select the layout and when I need a change, the daily games are my go to. My only
complaint is the game freezes. I end up having to remove app and reload. Any idea why this happens?

By amy1848.
December 19, 2022
4 out of 5

I have a hard time with it sometimes.
When you get stuck, if there is a shuffle then it makes it much better!

By PaPa Cusano.
December 28, 2022
5 out of 5
Zen 4 Me

This is one of the best games that I’ve downloaded in a long time. It was worth paying the bucks for no ads. I can get my mind
to settle down.

By Alpha chic.
December 31, 2022
4 out of 5
Only one comment, besides that game is ❤️

You should add a sidebar or something that shows how many matches are left on the board or tell you when you’re about to lose
and have to start over.

Thank You

By #Grace MGS.
January 1, 2023
5 out of 5

This mahjong is very challenging. I dont expect to break any records nor do it in average time.

By My5thtime.
December 9, 2022
5 out of 5
Great game

It’s a very challenging game I love it but too many ads

By Bluelulu 68.
December 10, 2022
5 out of 5
It’s The Real Game!!

I love playing because it helps to use your mind instead of same repetitive card games like same card games play over and over!! I
feel like it makes you search with memory.. 🙏❤️

By Grannie Ruth.
November 20, 2022
5 out of 5

Great game creator the game what is the best I love the game you kid everybody should play the game the game is the best yeah yeah
yes yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yay. yay
yay yay yay

By J Salts.
November 24, 2022
5 out of 5

It’s so good I’m speechless.

By Norva++.
November 25, 2022
5 out of 5
Love this game! More tiles and boards please

This is my favorite mahjong game but it seems to be maxed out at level 15. Looking for new tiles and boards- please!!!

By domanii.
December 4, 2022
5 out of 5
Awesome Game

Thank you to the creators for making a dope game!!!👍🏿

By Yung Damian.
October 31, 2022
4 out of 5
Just learned

I am new at this and find it to be enjoyable. Helps me to remember places of the tiles.

By jeanniebeanbie70.
October 20, 2022
5 out of 5

Great fun. The game can be easy and it can be hard. Again, it’s great fun.

By Christian disciple.
October 23, 2022
4 out of 5
Freezing up

I do love this game, but now it freezes up after 2 games. No fun anymore!

By Bojaqie.
October 27, 2022
5 out of 5
The best game

This game is sooooo fun I play it everyday

By amongus inposter.
September 25, 2022
5 out of 5
My favorite

Love this version but needs more tiles and backgrounds! I already got all the unlockable ones 😖 So much better than the
Microsoft Majong!

By Bai1009.
October 1, 2022
5 out of 5

Very interesting for me. I am enjoying playing this game

By Bayleedog.
October 14, 2022
4 out of 5
Desperate for additional tile styles!

I NEVER pay for an app but I did for this game cuz I’m addicted. But I’ve run out of interest cuz of the same old tiles.
Please refresh the look and add more tiles!

By grangergal.
October 16, 2022
5 out of 5
Makes you think

This game helps you look and think where the matches are. I love it a lot.

By Pandabearm.
September 5, 2022
5 out of 5
Great visuals

I love that the tiles are clear and easy to see. It makes the game a joy and not a struggle. I also love the lack of ads!!

By kriedee.
August 21, 2022
4 out of 5

I like it just recently trying game

By tinamudia.
July 24, 2022
5 out of 5
A happy cmper

The game is great but you ending games that could be won and you should let us decide when to end a game that would make it more

By R Barlow 1953.
August 3, 2022
5 out of 5
Level 10

Is there a glitch on level 10? I’ve been playing for days and can’t win!! Lol

By Baldbassclef.
August 3, 2022
5 out of 5

The visual design of this game is very pleasing. The game itself is very relaxing and fun to play. Plus no annoying in game
currency problems!

By cutiepie0304.
August 5, 2022
4 out of 5

Just started again and enjoying it so far thank you

By AverageGamer08.
August 5, 2022
5 out of 5

This is very hard
I believe I do not understand this game enough but will still play for a challenge or a good headache at the end 😰

By georgettechris.
August 6, 2022
5 out of 5

Please put the title on pease. Great game so far.

By Tabbycleo.
July 5, 2022
5 out of 5

You have to work on it to pull out thee letters flowers numbers it's nerve-wracking at times but I finally work it out.

By Orp..
June 25, 2022
5 out of 5

For me, just the right amount of challenge. Good exercise.

By Voice in the Wind.
June 25, 2022
5 out of 5
Just what I like to do👍

Great game to play with when your done with all the housework 👍👍👍👍👍

By Ngarriso12.
June 30, 2022
5 out of 5
Many levels of play

I love this game — you might solve it on the first try, or you can keep retrying a hundred times, changing one move each time
until you finally solve it. And, each one is solvable — that’s what I like.

By Pandemic Player.
June 13, 2022
5 out of 5
My rating

This game is super amazing, I really love this game so much and it makes me happy and keeps me calm.

May 13, 2022
5 out of 5
Wish I could get it in my Mac.

Wish I could get the app on my desktop. It’s a Mac. I love this version of Mahjong. The tiles are beautiful and I like all
the different layouts.

By Pistol patty.
May 22, 2022
5 out of 5
Love this game!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Through this app I have learned to play Mahjong. I am addicted to this game. I was so slow at the beginning, but I am getting
faster and faster every time I play. This app is beautifully designed.

By LaraGen.
April 27, 2022
5 out of 5
Good game!

Relaxing yet challenging. A good combination for a fun game. Thanks.

By gramma26.
April 30, 2022
5 out of 5

Are we able to go back to previous daily puzzles?

By misscocolilly.
May 2, 2022
5 out of 5

Enjoyable experience and entirely soothing to play.

By RhapsodyibBlu.
May 3, 2022
5 out of 5

It is very good to charge my 82 year old mind.

By konalaw.
April 3, 2022
5 out of 5
Enjoyable game

I enjoy the fact that if you don’t get it on your first try you have the option to go back several moves or to the beginning and
start over. You can always complete a puzzle.

March 26, 2022
5 out of 5
I love Branium!!

What great games you have and you capture just the right mood. Helps me relax without being obvious.

By beautamousmunch.
March 27, 2022
5 out of 5
Best mahjong ever

Great game and you don’t get annoying ad pop ups

By Gwb104.
March 14, 2022
5 out of 5

This is by far the most fun I have had with a game in a long time. It is very addictive. I have it on my iPhone and my iPad. I
like winning but when I lose I keep retiring until I win or just give up.

By Lumedwards.
March 18, 2022
5 out of 5
Good candy for your eyes

Just enough to help me pass time at work without really thinking about what you are doing.

By TrentTrent7.
February 19, 2022
5 out of 5
Great game.

Entertaining and enjoyable. Great way to pass the time.

By Rokeyswoman.
February 21, 2022
5 out of 5
Love this game

It’s one of my three favorite games I never get tired of.

By Diehajqd.
February 26, 2022
5 out of 5

I like the game but it’s tough to find statistics and to know how to advance

By The reviewer2007.
February 28, 2022
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Critic reviews

3 out of 5
Probiotic ads repeat until I close the app to rest

I wish there could be variations of ads instead of playing the same Probiotic ad over and over and over, causing me to exit the
app to start over. Paying $11.99 for the ad-free version does not fit into my social security budget. I cannot even afford my
own apartment.

By Tropical Island Bliss.
December 23, 2022
3 out of 5
Quit asking to track me! 😒

Privacy matters and I don’t want you tracking me. There is an option asking NOT to track for a freaking reason and your company
is making it abundantly obvious. QUIT ASKING! I’m NOT letting you track me!

By KRKapple.
December 13, 2022
3 out of 5

I love playing this game. Helps with memory. I play the donut board because I think it’s challenging. The only thing is the game
crashes. Very frustrating when your at the end and then loads the game from the beginning.

By BasicRD.
November 19, 2022
3 out of 5

I love the aesthetics of the tiles and boards and the mental challenges of the game. Not crazy about the frequency of the ads, and
now the app is stuck on a screen requiring me to download a game I have no interest in. Don’t want to delete the app and start
again at Level 1. Frustrating.

By morningsteps.
September 25, 2022
3 out of 5
Love theme...

There are several ads that one can only get out of by deleting the app and reinstalling

Adds are annoying...

By jaymeab.
October 18, 2022
3 out of 5
Waiting for new levels for a long time.

Why are yous not making new levels? Should I just delete?

By Oscarsmomma.
July 8, 2022
3 out of 5
Freezes up

It regularly freeze up especially during ads and I have to close it and restart my iPhone. It’s really annoying.

By McKenzieC.
June 19, 2022
3 out of 5

I'm having problems with the app freezing- I've downloaded it twice now.

By Schbks.
May 6, 2022
3 out of 5
If less adds, it would be 5 stars

Adds are distracting, charge more for no adds

By CCT143.
November 27, 2021
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