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Hangman Free HD

by Optime Software LLC

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User Reviews for Hangman Free HD

Reviews: 30Avg. Rating: 9/10

Positive reviews

5 out of 5

'I love the game because it\'s like the other hangman but I don\'t like when I lose all the time'

By RunnRobbRunn.
July 8, 2017
5 out of 5
'Enjoy the Challenge'

'Not too much of a challenge but just enough; I seldom miss the spelling of a word.'

By Ollieoyl.
June 12, 2017
4 out of 5
'Fun and challenging'

'My student and I both enjoy trying to beat the \"hard\" level together. Sometimes we are successful at solving the word without
even knowing the word or its meaning.'

By Mrs. Meany.
January 4, 2017
5 out of 5
'Lots O Fun'

'This app has given my daughter and I an opportunity to have a lot of fun together.\nThe only negative is the ads that pop up all
the time...but in exchange for a free app not the end of the world.'

By Mikeserves.
January 28, 2016
4 out of 5
'Fun for free'

'I have had this game for quite some time and had no problems with it. My 8 y.o likes this game too especially when we play
against each other. The different \" levels\" are nice too.'

By (Bzymom).
December 10, 2015
4 out of 5

'Nice game, but it eventually crashes and prior scores go to zero.'

By RobEdA.
November 8, 2015
5 out of 5

'I love the game hangman, but sometimes it takes a lot of paper. Well, this Hangman is (1) portable, (2) traditional. You can take
this on your car trips and play the game. It takes no Internet and you can play with the computer if you don\'t have anyone to
play with, too. The computer gives you a w

By JustLikeToFarm.
November 8, 2015
4 out of 5
'I got Holocaust'

'I got the word \"Holocaust\". Otherwise, well done!'

By Nvr 4get.
October 6, 2015
4 out of 5
'What fun!'

'Both me and my 6 year old are having a blast with this game. We like the two player mode challenging one another. Bummer that the
game closes out after two minutes or so, it\'s no problem going back in it a nuisance though.'

By Monkey6454girl.
June 8, 2015
5 out of 5
'A perfect game'

'I play this game almost everyday, usually in the morning with my coffee, and it is the perfect way to wake up. The game is a
challenge often, but always entertaining, and it NEVER crashes or has issues of any kind. If you like word games, I highly
recommend this one.'

By Bexx969.
March 25, 2015
5 out of 5

'I love this game. Easy to play. Not complicated which makes it enjoyable.'

By sykouyate.
March 7, 2015
4 out of 5
'Hangman game'

'Thanks for this games not only is it an old fav from long ago\nBut it is a good brain trainer\nLike an exercise bike for the

By Birdee14.
February 11, 2015
4 out of 5
'Fun & challenging'

'Some excellent ideas in the reviews. Variable point awards and dictionary integration being two. Otherwise fun & challenging'

By Bazilmonk.
October 21, 2014
5 out of 5
'An excellent challenge'

'A much more useful diversion than Solitaire! I\'ve two minor complaints. I wish there were some kind of point differential
available when you solve a puzzle with only missing 1-2 letters, but especially when you are down to your last letter and still
need 4-5 to get the answer and succeed. This app

By Bruce Becker fan.
October 11, 2014
5 out of 5
'Great pass time'

'Me and my best friend played it on the way to take me home from her house point is its awesome'

By Sea lion girl.
October 9, 2014
5 out of 5
'Great game'

'Love this game. Really challenging. Love the options too thank you. I like all you games.'

By myneighborsarerude.
August 16, 2014
5 out of 5

'No problems here. Does what I expect.'

By G'ma Rosey.
August 6, 2014
5 out of 5
'Such a great game!'

'Classic hangman. And even when you don\'t have anyone to play with, you can play against the computer.'

By Ghhhfyduryugu.
July 30, 2014
5 out of 5
'Really good'

'It helps u learn how to spell'

By djbes.
May 29, 2014
4 out of 5
'Very entertaining!'

'This game is very fun to play! You can play multiplayer or solo!! This game is so fun! The only down fall is that you get bored
with it after a while but really fun!!!!!'

By Alexis3154.
April 22, 2014
5 out of 5
'Great for kids!'

'I have a lot of fun playing with my son'

By FlirtyDirtyNerdy.
March 22, 2014
5 out of 5
'Get the game'

'Awesome for expanding ones vocabulary!'

By Ca Fashionista!.
March 19, 2014
5 out of 5

'It\'s probably just my brain, but if I play late at night there is a seeming preponderance of creepy words like \"dismember\" and
\"quary\" and \"stalk\" and \"unemployed\". Fun!'

By jba66.
February 19, 2014
4 out of 5
'Fun, challenging'

'Two players is even more fun!'

By Idahorussett.
February 5, 2014
5 out of 5

'Great game lots of fun! Thank you :)'

By Ddmplayer.
January 11, 2014
4 out of 5

'Love this game!!! Great pastime !!!!!!'

By FoxieT.
December 21, 2013
4 out of 5
'Lots of fun'

'Nice app with some difficult words.\n\nIs it just me, but I can\'t seem to lower or mute the volume since ios7.'

By Doubletcarol.
November 15, 2013
5 out of 5
'Excellent boredom chaser'

'Very entertaining way to pass the time while waiting for a root canal or a meeting. Brings back memories of clandestine games in
school. Good job!'

By GramieSue.
October 12, 2013
4 out of 5
'Never a dull moment if you like words, puzzles, a

'I give it 4 stars because I return to it, unlike some apps that are one and done.'

By Science5.
October 9, 2013
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Critic reviews

3 out of 5

'I wish there was a way to look up the definition of words from within the app. Currently, I have to switch back and forth between
my dictionary app. Quite cumbersome.'

By San_Cha.
September 28, 2013
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