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Donuts Drift

by TryMyGames

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User Reviews for Donuts Drift

Reviews: 21Avg. Rating: 8/10

Positive reviews

4 out of 5
'One small problem'

'That overtime I don’t get my offline earnings when I return to the game'

By Heavyrock67.
April 21, 2020
5 out of 5
'Perfect quick play app'

'This app is great for when Im out and about and I need to pass some time. I love how fluid I can drift and the simple design is
tasteful and one of my favorites'

By HarrisonKane.
December 13, 2019
4 out of 5

'Cool game! Not much interesting but enjoy to play'

By HWA301.
January 10, 2019
4 out of 5

'Or from kick MMe it mmI imma mmm the mmkmmmr\n MmMmmIkkaakkk\nKami\nKmkkkikikkkkkjjT F. A. A alsoyyvyyhcbu commute gym

By ioiy a.
August 23, 2018
4 out of 5
'Really Enjoy! Only one issue in a month of play.'

'I really enjoy the simplicity but enjoyable play of Donuts Drift.\n\nI got to 205% offline bonus, and it stopped actually giving
my offline bonus. Please fix.'

By TommyPicklrs.
July 2, 2018
5 out of 5
'Best game ever'

'I love his game. I don’t mind he ads. Gives you a focus reset.'

By SeddJeff.
June 28, 2018
5 out of 5
'Game tester'

'Makes you wanna play more and more!'

By Breezy S B..
June 17, 2018
5 out of 5
'Amazing game'

'People are complaining about the ads but just turn off your WiFi on your phone then you’ll get no ads :)'

By turtlelover543817.
June 1, 2018
5 out of 5
'Happy mad'

'This game is awesome but needs work \n\nNeeds \n\n ====> more jdm cars and I want Hans car so bad 😡 I have to wait for
the level \n Smh'

By schasis.
June 1, 2018
5 out of 5
'Fun but too many adds'

'You can only get like two games in before having to watch more ads. Pretty annoying when its so fun that you just want to keep

By Alo biatchyy.
May 31, 2018
5 out of 5
'Like it!'

'May be your best game yet, Voodoo. I paid for the ad opt-out, and I don’t have to deal with what all the others are
complaining about. I just play.'

By Old ft.
May 13, 2018
5 out of 5

'Good game but the ads make me hate It'

By HeShAm56.
May 10, 2018
4 out of 5

'I love this game and I got my brothers into it as well. however, I feel like a cool idea would be to add a multiplayer/tandem
feature so you can drift with your friends or with computers. also I think if you had the ability adjust the speed of your car to
faster/slower to make it harder/easier, tha

By PleaseCallMeCorey.
May 5, 2018
4 out of 5
'Needs an update'

'Hey guys. Awesome game. I’m having fun with the minimalistic and simple to play game you guys launched.\n\nHowever, I think
it’s with the new update but my “offline bonus” is not showing/accumulating when I reopen the game after a couple of
hours.\n\nMaybe it’s the update? Maybe it’s be

By Bbbbwoqqkansj.
May 3, 2018
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Critic reviews

3 out of 5

'It’s horrible! Please fix it now. Or put it in the garbage. Everything is horrible make a football game called try to tackle L

By your boy tomlison.
July 7, 2018
3 out of 5
'Level Mode Is Pointless'

'The game is obviously repetitive, but it plays well once the ads are off. They just introduced the level mode and it has almost
nothing to offer. Suddenly there is no block in the middle of the drift circle, there’s just another coin. If you do a perfect
drift around the coin, you get no fuel boo

By ledhotzepper.
June 19, 2018
3 out of 5
'Fun till the adds pop up'

'I lose interest after so many adds'

By Backflips_gone_WRONG420.
June 4, 2018
3 out of 5

'Not a fan of the gas and ending so quick wish I could practice longer'

By cowboy615.
June 3, 2018
3 out of 5
'Enjoyable minus ads'

'So nowadays Ads are everywhere, on YouTube, on Snapchat, in between Facebook videos, it’s expected now. I don’t mind the Ads,
what I do mind is the fact I haven’t been receiving offline bonus for the last week. I spend most of my earned coin on that to
help me buy other things now it’s not

By Matt_O'Shid.
May 29, 2018
3 out of 5
'Games great without ads'

'The games awesome if it had no ads! There annoying as hell.There long stupid ads🙄'

By LueyB21.
May 19, 2018
3 out of 5
'Turn on airplane mode'

'This game has been great but the only thing that bothers me (no not 5 second ads) but the fact that it will randomly start to
lag. Would be a five star app for killing time but whatever..'

By Jbuss 559.
May 13, 2018
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