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Foot Clinic

by Yojoy

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User Reviews for Foot Clinic

Reviews: 101Avg. Rating: 8.6/10

Positive reviews

5 out of 5

This game is nasty and I like it

January 1, 2021
4 out of 5
Kenzie’s review

This game is so fun except for the adds! Everything you do is followed up by a add it is ridicules so if I were you I wouldn’t
download it unless you like adds!😡

By ksoccergrl.
December 31, 2020
4 out of 5
It’s great

Good game I like the fish in it and the rest of the tools are cool too it’s got a lot of ads though and repeats. To: the
developers, please read this and make the game better and add little kids and teens not just adults. The end

By The cook GAME is the best>_<.
December 31, 2020
5 out of 5
Gross but it’s fun still

So yeah you see the “gross”part in the top it’s so gross and fun the pimple level gross so so so so so so so gross I hate
that so I give a 5 rate because it’s gross and hair-y and fun so this game I H-A-D to download this if I liked it I would not
delete it but if it’s to gross delete it’s not that

By Magyac.
December 31, 2020
5 out of 5

Well, first of all, it is a great game! But, for some reason for me, the ads won't work. I try to click on the ad thing then it
says "no internet connection" or "ad is loading try again" the first one is fine. The second one is stupid cause I was in a place
with great Wi-Fi and it still said the sec

December 30, 2020
4 out of 5
Foot clinic

I love the game because I am weird but there are SO many adds after every thing you do there is an add and the game doesn’t let
you finish what you do sometimes if I use a tool it will finish it half way and it is very glitchy every time I switch a tool I
refers to Home Screen

I love the game it’s

By Jnciolev.
December 29, 2020
5 out of 5
Best game ever

This game is so fun I played it for like 2 hours straight soooo fun

By awray4421.
December 29, 2020
5 out of 5

This game is the most calming game ever

By sweater than choclate.
December 26, 2020
4 out of 5
Allow Access To Money

I kinda like this game! I appreciate the variety of possible activities and types of things you can do. On the other hand, a big
problem I have is with the money. You make a lot of money every day, but you have to watch a video to actually collect it? This
doesn't make sense. I think that you should

By jdowbeostwnsorbsosb.
December 25, 2020
4 out of 5

So I love the game but it’s very laggy and I have tripmophobia (i spelled it wrong) but I played it anyways but the reason why I
gave it four stars was bc my phobia and the lag but that’s all


By Sonicwazheret.
December 21, 2020
5 out of 5

When u do the people u can see under the girls skirts and on the men it’s just u can see through the pants when there laying
down this game is not for kids at all

By narwhal be like.
December 18, 2020
5 out of 5
so many ads every 10 secs

rated a 5 so yall can see this, its a great game but everytime i press something theres always an ad, its really annoying.

By why_alexus.
December 16, 2020
4 out of 5
To many ads!!!!!

Every time after I answer a question an ad pops up and it’s almost always the same one so I’m deleting if this doesn’t get

By Srichouxxx.
December 14, 2020
5 out of 5
Very good and hot game

Would recommend if you play cyberpunk and like feet very hot and eloquently spoken very good game my friends Chris would love this
like he likes his lolis

By Daniel the fort night god.
December 12, 2020
5 out of 5
too many ads

The amount of ads that pop up makes the game unenjoyable. Most games have ads after you finish a level, sometimes less often than
that. This game has multiple ads every single level. They pop up right in the middle of whatever your doing, and you can’t
enjoy it, then once you finish the level you

By ahaisjdksn.
December 12, 2020
4 out of 5

just started this app. will let you know how intresting it is, later.

By Annakish.
December 9, 2020
4 out of 5
Good game

It is a really fun game. Very relaxing. It would have gotten five stars if it didn’t have so many commercials.

By gilaford.
December 7, 2020
5 out of 5
Satisfying but...

This game is a mixture of satisfying and gross I guess some people like it I’m one of those people but yeah GO DOWNLOAD FOOT

By fudgey nudgey.
December 1, 2020
5 out of 5

So I’m an 8 year old girl and I had to go to the doctor to get a shot In my foot I was so scared but when I played this game I
felt better 😻

By bhihxgzgfd.
December 1, 2020
4 out of 5
Disgusting game

Disgusting game, I love it. This game makes myStomach twist when I see their feet. This game is great, the reason I gave it four
out of five is because there’s way too many ads. Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

By ZoZoJoJo109.
November 28, 2020
4 out of 5

To many ads but I like the game

By Bryson+Olivia.
November 27, 2020
5 out of 5

What no it’s not a little GROSS WHO AM I SAYING ITS GROSS i hope you love it :)

By lolhihowwasyourdayy❤️💛💚.
November 26, 2020
5 out of 5

Your quality is so bad and the game is so disgusting

By outcouohctitu.
November 11, 2020
5 out of 5

My mom Says it’s disgusting but it’s not

By Lost a raptor.
November 8, 2020
4 out of 5

Wayyyyyyy to many adds yo y’all need to cut some of these adds off please I like this game but please cut off some of the adds
sorry but it’s true

Stay safe!!!

By girl465.
November 8, 2020
5 out of 5
🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️this game is cool and all but it makes m

Don’t download this game if you have any sickness or carsickness because I have car sickness and I literally just puked don’t
download this game I give it a good start because for me it’s really fun to pop pimples but for other people with me discuss
them so don’t really download this if you don’t r

By LULUQUeen0322.
October 28, 2020
5 out of 5

The game is pretty fun but too many ad

By the review_22.
October 27, 2020
4 out of 5
Why so many ads?

Ok so I love this game but there is one problem the ads!!!! They are so annoying please lower the town of your ads!

By Poncho501.
October 26, 2020
5 out of 5
Fun but not fun

Yes the title is weird but I do not recommend this game to people who hate to many ads

By cite puppylove.
October 24, 2020
4 out of 5

I don

By Donaway11.
October 23, 2020
4 out of 5
'To many adds 😕😕'

'I really like this game but I don’t like how when you’re halfway through the the patient you get a add and the adds that I
get are not appropriate for my age so if you could change how many adds there are I’d definitely recommend this app more.'

By Need more space!!.
October 19, 2020
5 out of 5
'#BEST... GAME... EVER!'

'I love this game it’s so satifiying, and... well it’s soooo fun I HOPE You can make more of these games'

By emelia - badielia.
October 18, 2020
5 out of 5

'I like this game it’s fun🤗'

By luisguillen552.
October 17, 2020
4 out of 5

'this app is curiously fun and satisfying, but weirdly enough, i was kind of hoping for it to be as gross as the ads were?? like
i\'m ALL IN for gross disgusting games. so i wanted to see what this game was about cuz i got an ad for it! so when i started
playing, i was hoping for gross and like, dis

By chloechloqchloe.
October 17, 2020
5 out of 5

'Nobody:\n\nNot a soul:\n\nMe: THIS IS DISCUSS-DING\n\nAlso me: I LOVE IT WHY IS SO ADDICTING \n\n
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️\n5 starts'

By kkksssdddd.
October 17, 2020
5 out of 5
'The best!!!'

'Such a cool and satisfying app! Best one in a long time.'

By Yaz310.
October 16, 2020
5 out of 5

'There are wayyyy too man ads OMG'

By Musty1998.
October 16, 2020
4 out of 5

'This is a really fun game but it needs more work and it would have to get more coins sometimes I have to get really mad when it
comes to my iPhone now I cannot stand the adds!😊'

By psrchudu.
October 16, 2020
5 out of 5
'I love this game❤️❤️'

'This game is so much fun I rote a 5 review for this gam I hope you like it to'

By stumpy1234567.
October 16, 2020
5 out of 5

'A little ridiculous that you have ads running in between different tasks during one level.'

By Crib King.
October 11, 2020
5 out of 5
'Thanks for your help today thanks for being such

'Musta kayo mare musta na was my birthday day to get it off'

By whssgstsy.
October 10, 2020
4 out of 5
'By lyla'

'This game is cool and lame soo can u put accessories'

By Joe197039.
October 10, 2020
5 out of 5
'The Ad'

'Only rating this a 5 so you can see it. I don’t even know where to start. #1 the ad to this game was on a children’s game.
there’s blood and whatever gross thing game out of the foot pimple. The ad was disgusting. #2 almost directly after i opened the
app here comes an ad on my screen.(i only

By heshehhs.
October 6, 2020
4 out of 5
'Way to many adds and problems'

'Hi everyone, I hope all is well... I am going to make a list of all of the problems then at the bottom I am going to say all of
the good things about this app and why I gave it a 4 out of 5.\n1.) first there r WAY to many adds this is number one because it
is so crazy how many adds there are. It ma

By good app but a lot of adds.
September 28, 2020
5 out of 5
'v entertaining'

'i absolutely love it and would 10/10 recommend it. please put the ads to a minimum so i can more foot time \nxx,\nyour local
neighborhood goose'

September 27, 2020
5 out of 5
'One thing'

'I like it but it has to manyCommercials'

By alishachar.
September 24, 2020
5 out of 5
'The gross'

'It’s satisfying and kinda gross because feet scarping not my jam'

By Makalya kendrick.
September 22, 2020
5 out of 5

'Loved the help feature. Taughtt me as I go.'

By PureAwesomeness20!!!.
September 19, 2020
4 out of 5
'Ad’s TO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!'

'Every move you make a ad comes up and airplane mode does not help u like the game it’s cool but it’s ads are too much if they
stoped playing sooo many ads it would be amazing'

By phdjd xmalakhe bdbgdjsma.
September 18, 2020
4 out of 5
'Good but too many ads'

'This game can keep me entertained for a while but there are too many ads and it interrupts the game way too much. this can
sometimes make me not wanna play this game.'

By Valerie❤️✌🏻.
September 17, 2020
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Critic reviews

3 out of 5
Disgusting and to many ads

This game is disgusting I cringe just thinking about it the ad to the game was pretty gross but it said the it was satisfying so I
downloaded it but I deleted it right after so bad oh and it has a lot of ads and I’m not paying for no ads. 🤢so gross

By Minecraft os awwsome.
January 1, 2021
3 out of 5

This is bad never get this game

By Jenna Santiago.
January 1, 2021
3 out of 5
Too many ads and glitches

All the ads popping up ALL the time is super annoying. I deleted this app.

By CandaceSunshine.
December 30, 2020
3 out of 5
App itself is great but...

This app is very great and fun but there are too many adds. You will be in the middle of doing a patient and it goes to an add and
this is every time!

By Carsyn21.
December 25, 2020
3 out of 5
This Game is Grate.....But

Please fix the ads. I would like to care for a foot in total before and ad takes over, or let me pay to stop most of them.

By Ms Deja.
December 24, 2020
3 out of 5
WAy to many ads

There is WAY to many adds I don’t like how when you move on to a new skill that you have to have an add. I hate it.

By jjffngfffg.
December 22, 2020
3 out of 5
Good but way to many adds

Every time I switch tools I have to watch an add it is REALLY annoying but it’s really fun.

By micraft pro #1.
December 21, 2020
3 out of 5
The ads alone will stop you from playing.

This game is kind of interesting concept for sure. But the ads are OVERWHELMING. I’m not joking when I say they pop up
about every 25 seconds. And in the middle of you playing the game. They are constant.

By MegsPDX.
December 20, 2020
3 out of 5
Ok. Good game

This game is really fun!! It is satisfying, gross, and fun all at the same time!!! I give this three stars because 1. The ad is
2. It is fun and very detailed
3. Amazing graphics
Thanks for reading this! I would recommend it to whoever is reading!

By just fine app ok.
December 19, 2020
3 out of 5
Keeps freezing

It has wayyyyy to many ads and on top of that it keeps freezing

By K1-K1.
December 4, 2020
3 out of 5
To many adds and glitches

Way to many adds and glitches please fix before I boot this game offline or something else happens

By Atl_Savage.
December 1, 2020
3 out of 5
good game but please fix

i absolutely love this game. it’s funny, quirky, and just asmr if i’m being honest. but whenever i’m willing to watch an add
for a gift or for the extra tools, it won’t let me watch it. it’s not my wifi or anything like that it always says “ad is
loading... please try again” every single time and it

By nora 🥰✌🏼.
November 28, 2020
3 out of 5
Has potential.

It’s a fun little game but the amount of ads really take away from the experience.

By Noreagalife.
November 25, 2020
3 out of 5

When i first started i saw the foot and i was like crying because its was so gross

By trampoline jumper.
November 12, 2020
3 out of 5
Please read.

This game is really funny but there are some problems.

1. Adds.
There are way to many adds, but when I try to watch one to claim something, it says add not loaded, I don’t know if anyone else
has this problem but it is for me.

2. Design fails.
This was a serious problem, when girls come in with sk

By hhshdbdbbdbdbd.
November 11, 2020
3 out of 5

Love the game but WAY too many ads! I can barely play half a level!

By Farah Standley.
November 8, 2020
3 out of 5
My review

For my review I think this game is so fun and perfect for if I’m bored but just some stuff u would like to say I don’t like is
that there’s a lot of adds and it’s a little laggy and glitchy but other wise it’s a pretty good game in my opinion :>

By luvuiu.
November 8, 2020
3 out of 5
Way too many ads and glitches

As satisfying this game is, there are so many ads. Most of the time you can’t finish a mission without at least 3 ads... and
after the ads it will get frozen. Making you to close the app reopen again and loose the process you were on.

By AllyMaro.
November 8, 2020
3 out of 5
Way too many ads

Like the title says, there are way too many ads. I understand that the game needs to have ads so the developers can get money, but
the amount of ads is just ridiculous. There is an ad between every level and sometimes in the middle of a level. It gets extremely
frustrating that your gameplay is inte

By ...i have a suggestion.
November 5, 2020
3 out of 5

I like the game but the ads and glitches I would be in the middle of a game it would go straight to the game

By stinkers2020.
November 5, 2020
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