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League of Legends: Wild Rift User Reviews (United States)

Reviews: 69 Avg. Rating: 8.6/10

Positive reviews

4 out of 5

I hope the hero can speak Chinese .

By 夜里有你看灯.
October 25, 2022
4 out of 5
Needs controller support

Would be amazing if the game combined both touch screen & allowed for controller support.

October 26, 2022
5 out of 5
Controller support please

It would be great if this was a thing

By Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo poip.
October 15, 2022
5 out of 5
Collab idea

You guys should do a collab with the Naruto anime!!

By ryanloz.
October 16, 2022
5 out of 5

Don’t need to be 22 y/o with catlike reflexes to be great, meta strategy and tactics often win.

By etc6tgu7ew.
October 16, 2022
4 out of 5

Did you do some update and optimize on iphone14promax,why do I have a unstable FPS

By gotonyg.
October 16, 2022
4 out of 5
Love this game but…

I really love wild rift play it everyday! BUT it would be great if it had controller support by now 😩

By Dr388.
September 20, 2022
5 out of 5
There is no P2W aspect

Idk why the "most helpful" complains about players who pay money, since there's literally 0 gameplay advantages obtained by
spending money.

Just like on PC, you can only buy cosmetic skins with money.

By PowderKeg1.
September 12, 2022
5 out of 5
Update support

Need update for backbone controllers thanks

By Bryant Gabriel.
September 10, 2022
5 out of 5
Dear wild rift,

I’m a support player, why did you give jungle role hum?It took me so much trouble

By Grey Grip.
September 11, 2022
5 out of 5
Amazing game

Besides some unusual bot player in my region,it’s 10/10 like lol from pc

By Hjjjkkghjjjjj.
August 30, 2022
5 out of 5
Great for on the go

I love it, it’s great to pull up and play a quick game. The only thing is I love mordekaiser on the pc, so I’m hoping for an
update one day.

By Jopaspuras.
August 28, 2022
5 out of 5

Let us be able to use controller to play

By WrightTylerC.
August 29, 2022
4 out of 5
An honest review

The game overall is good. Characters are good. But the lane system is still bad and matching system which matched low rank with
high rank and matched platinum rank with commander rank. I really don’t like that one. I am having problem with that.

By noir_thewhite.
August 29, 2022
5 out of 5
only download if u want to be addicted to ur phone

Procrastination is prolly the only con to this game. Oh and also I guess I wish there were more champs but I’m sure they’ll
incorporate that soon

By ratister.
August 10, 2022
5 out of 5
Awesome Mobile Game, Lame re-purchases

I give this 5 stars because it’s an awesome game. It seems like. Bit of a rip off that I can’t use any skins that I purchased
on PC. That should really be changed, charging people again for a digital item feels like a cash grab.

By Mitchapoluza.
July 27, 2022
4 out of 5
Might as well play LoL

Over all good, but when it comes to playing it’s a migraine. Universal servers are a pain having a team that you can’t
communicate with rather then using the cookie cutter call outs

By Anim8z.
July 28, 2022
4 out of 5
Controller support

I love this game but it would’ve a lot more fun to be able to use my phone controller with it

By TheDevilishFox.
July 8, 2022
5 out of 5
Best moba game on this planet

Thank you so much for making this game available on iOS!

By Mastermnd6.
July 9, 2022
5 out of 5
The best MOBA game in mobile

I think this is the best game we can play with our smart phone.

By Barrett San.
May 28, 2022
5 out of 5
Very good game

The characters might be a bit hard to use, but you will enjoy your progress when you play more. Having fun with your friends is
the best part of it too

By rando3399.
May 28, 2022
5 out of 5
This is League

Does everything from league and better instead of certain delay’s, Some features are missing but it’s a great start from the
actual company that made league to transition of a mobile so League on mobile is a great ordeal

By LagNames.
May 4, 2022
4 out of 5
Could use controller support

Game is great just needs controller support for my backbone

By Myselfpersonally.
May 3, 2022
4 out of 5

The game is fun and all but the player level is meh…

By Lankayak.
May 3, 2022
5 out of 5
Best game on IOS

Please add a way to view your own profile while in a party.

By c go vik.
April 5, 2022
5 out of 5

Tengo un problema con la tienda, no me ponen los paquetes de compra

By merlin1712.
April 5, 2022
5 out of 5
Controller support

Hey I love this game but I feel to believe make it to where you can your a controller such as the backbone controller would bring
the game over the top controller support would be great.

By zeusthekidd.
March 25, 2022
4 out of 5
Need improved keyboard

I’m using an iPhone 12 Pro Max and the keyboard is too small and squeezed together to accurately type out to my team in game.
The keyboard is also small outside of game. If the keyboard can be improved that would be greatly appreciated

By Devioushadow.
March 25, 2022
5 out of 5
Best Mobile game ever

I’ve been playing LoL for about 8 years. I’m so glad they came out with a mobile version. I just wish they had Viktor in
champion selection. But other then that, it’s a awesome game and know it’s on mobile, it’s even better.

By Beams of VIKTOR.
March 25, 2022
5 out of 5


By i 34dn2ie2gdu.
January 8, 2022
5 out of 5
Question for support team/developers

Is there going to be a time or point at which this would become available through Apple Arcade to be played on Apple TV’s?
Thanks for reading and responding.

By Crosstitcher Henry.
January 2, 2022
5 out of 5
Thank god for garnea

The buffs and nerfs have a great selection

By RealThejigGler.
December 31, 2021
5 out of 5
bring back jinx fortnite skin


By Luke😁😄😆😁.
December 31, 2021
5 out of 5
Clan leader

Clan name is heiwa
I created the clan
I want my clan leader back
User Khang

By BTC Khang.
January 1, 2022
5 out of 5

good game but worse than pc version. add all the champions in the pc version to wild rift

By seesaw is so bad.
January 1, 2022
5 out of 5
Please allow backbone controller access

This game is great I just wish it was compatible with a third party controller like the backbone controller. Gameplay would be
better imo

By figoni84.
January 1, 2022
5 out of 5

Get this game. It’s legendary.the art is great, gameplay is easy yet gives room to learn, strategic… just… trust me, get the

By Couragous Pegasus of Hogworts.
December 16, 2021
4 out of 5
Great game

I love this game only thing is not all the characters are here and I reall feel like you should keep the characters coming.
Volibear is my fav character and I can’t even play him. Please update soon

By chupapigeo.
December 16, 2021
4 out of 5

Well done and fun, top 3 for me for sure. A lot of content and strat approaches

By ktsouvast.
December 8, 2021
5 out of 5
League of Legends Wild Rift

Since arcane league of legends series came out on Netflix I was more hyped to play league of legends wild rift.

By frankfdz.
December 3, 2021
5 out of 5
Hands down most addictive game I played!!!

First off if you love league of legends you’re going to love this game!
Perfect moba lol on the go.
I play at work ,at home ,and pretty much anywhere I go.
5/5 stars great app 💯

By HercMMA.
December 3, 2021
5 out of 5
Best Mobile MOBA out

This is by far the best mobile MOBA there is. I used to play the main game on pc but switched to wild rift . Yes it takes some
getting used to compared to pc but it’s more convenient for me to play on my phone.

By Ones from the beginning.
November 17, 2021
5 out of 5
Lol better than wild rift..?

So happy to finally have a mobile version for a semi casual/competitive not as toxic experience…

I play with my girlfriend almost everyday… please add more skins for couples haha

Love both lol and wild rift but rn this is my go to👍

By Jacquie&Jim.
November 17, 2021
5 out of 5
Most frustratingly addictive game

It’s fun to kick butt. But you get your butt kicked too. Lots to learn. Please learn how to play it properly.

By Fleeting customer.
November 17, 2021
5 out of 5
Pretty good

Not bad, hopefully more ppl plays so match making can be faster

By mxjk94.
November 18, 2021
5 out of 5
Great game need more maps!

I give a 5 because of balance and up keep on gameplay. However I think there needs to be a variety of maps for ranking matches to
keep it interesting and attractive.

By Zerocrisis.
November 18, 2021
4 out of 5
No Vel’koz or Twitch….

It’s a good game but I’m a new player so I thought Vel'koz and Twitch looked really cool so when I found out I was devastated.
Still a good game, but I want to play Vel'koz.

By pokemonawesome72.
November 3, 2021
5 out of 5
진짜 밸런스 ㅈ망겜 하지마세요

현티어 다이어인데 랭겜에서 실버3명이랑 같은팀됨 걍 개 ㅈ망게임 밸런스 신경 안쓰나봄

By 뿡깡이.
October 26, 2021
5 out of 5
We love patch notes!

As a dedicated league player I switched to wild rift because my computer broke. I enjoy this game and the patch notes keep it
fresh! 2.5 going crazy!

By wizyD.
October 26, 2021
5 out of 5
Nice but I’d prefer pc

This game is super fun, I love the champ designs and poses but I’d prefer pc idk why but I find it more fun, although this is
game is really good. Keep the good work :D

By league22345666.
October 27, 2021
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Critic reviews

3 out of 5
Not very balanced

It is so imbalanced when it comes to skill based and being able to run when the battle is to hard or just in general it does not
have a very balanced game play.

By GermanRaccoon.
October 27, 2022
3 out of 5
Use to be fun

It use to be fun, until they start letting a lot of hackers in the game, now it’s just not enjoyable anymore!

By Gluts....
October 13, 2022
3 out of 5
Not skill based anymore

No promotional matches, added an emerald tier… since there’s so much loss protection you can get the highest rank if you just
grind enough. I have won ~80% of my games and they’re not satisfying because ranks no longer reflect skill.

By vehsusuegeh.
September 21, 2022
3 out of 5

My TWO MAIN players are STILLLL NOT IN THIS GAME!? HOWWWW!? It’s been months and yet still no Zyra or Stix! Keep updating and
bringing in players that barely anybody gets excited for!

By Lamphead444.
August 30, 2022
3 out of 5
Controller support

Add backbone support for LOLWR please. All/any version of backbone/phone connected controllers

By 925mike.
August 24, 2022
3 out of 5
Game is not consistent

They show you the damage you took when you die but they won’t let you see what damage you do. One game your unstoppable next
game you can’t do anything.

By Berto12332.
August 12, 2022
3 out of 5
Please add controller support

Please add controller support. I would be more inclined to play if it had controller support. I have played league since 2014 and
would love the ability to play on the couch watching sports or something.

By KingGunn99.
May 28, 2022
3 out of 5
I would like to give it more but…

I was emerald rank and kept getting put on horrible team after horrible team, and now I find my self gold again. This needs to be

By Stlcardinals 12345678.
April 5, 2022
3 out of 5
Ranking match up

Love the game but it’s mad dumb to be in emerald 3 and have silver or gold players in the same match whilst the other team may
have full emerald. Fix the match up or lose people playing.

By jahsvbqiaisx.
April 5, 2022
3 out of 5
It’s not fair

My battery died but it said I left the game on purpose and said I would get suspended from the game if I left in the middle of
a battle which is not fair but overall it’s really fun

By 12345679268378292.
March 25, 2022
3 out of 5
Won’t work

The game will not let me log into my Riot account at all

By Spider-Kaiju.
January 2, 2022
3 out of 5

Fun to play when your doing good but match making is honestly s h I t I’ll be pared up with people who know how to play one game
then the next game 3 of my teammates go 1/10/0

By FYi665544.
December 8, 2021
3 out of 5

Kayle is so much strong than expected ,you guys should nerf kayle she is way too strong

December 3, 2021
3 out of 5
Needs the ability to select which server to play i

In this time and age, it should be a must to have server selection.
I know people from around the world yet I have to vpn and create a whole new account just to play with them

By Ashosh!.
December 4, 2021
3 out of 5

It’s ok but it’s annoying how you have to update it or sign up with your Facebook account or something.

By ncnduncudhcudh.
October 30, 2021
3 out of 5

it was a really good game but I don’t know why I can’t loge in to the game

By david'sday.
October 28, 2021
3 out of 5
Can’t find match?

Unable to fish tutorial cause it can’t find a match.
Lame is an understatement….sigh
Have restarted and retried dozen times.
Can’t recommend at this time

By brandon2u.
October 21, 2021
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