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User Reviews for Match Master 3D

Reviews: 24Avg. Rating: 6.8/10

Positive reviews

4 out of 5
Shop master

Sometimes the pieces won’t move after I get down to matching all but 6. The clock keeps going and I lose. It’s like the game
knows I’m going to win Again.

By granyKelz.
February 22, 2021
4 out of 5

Help! I enjoy the game. But I want to make it ad free. Having an ad interrupt mid-game is very annoying.

By LunaGrey911.
January 15, 2021
4 out of 5
Match 3 d

I like it,but what I DONT like is the timer! The ads are annoying.but get the timer off! I’m 70 and not as fast as I once was.

By snowhair.
November 15, 2020
4 out of 5
'I like this game'

'I like this game and if your looking for a competitive game I recommend but your obviously playing computer and they are
programmed to take certain ones so sometimes like on the add breaks I’ll have one item and then when the add breaks over it has
it and all the computers have the same name like

By fjsjaia.
August 20, 2020
5 out of 5

'True \nWill not go past level 13\nAnd the icon on either side of the drawers\nOne says/has a timer and arrow... does nothing\nThe
other says 2x with arrow and dies nothing!\nLike to see more upgrades\nIt’s a fun game\nAlso once the game is over you need to
go back to the app to play again'

By maui🌴.
August 9, 2020
4 out of 5
'Game hangs up'

'A good game, but as others have said, the wheels come off after level 13.'

By Charlie1503ez.
August 5, 2020
5 out of 5

'Fast paced, exciting and it’s keeps your mind moving at warp speed!'

By tmdlld35.
July 29, 2020
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Critic reviews

3 out of 5
Too many annoying issues

Fun game but too many ads. So I purchased the game, then I could only play one game at a time and had to continually restart. Game
was fun got that I put up with it. Now I find there are only 57 levels. Bummer

By rvrdog.
March 14, 2021
3 out of 5
Ads every 30 seconds

This app has potential. I added this game because it looked unique. The graphics are really cool, but not worth watching a 30
second ad every 30 seconds. You have about 3 minutes and 30 seconds to “complete” the game. Which means there are 3 minutes
and 30 seconds of ads within the game. Great game

By Booboo927.
March 14, 2021
3 out of 5
Too many ads

Too many ads in middle of game that are too long. At least wait until the round/game is over. Fun game but timing and length of
ads made me delete.

By Alymccoy45.
February 14, 2021
3 out of 5
Like the premise

I like the premise however am disappointed to find that I am being interrupted by ads for other games. The same thing happened on
a similar game that I just deleted simply due to the interruptions. It is difficult to be successful on a timed game when I am
being interrupted by ads for other games.

By sassyfied77.
February 2, 2021
3 out of 5

so many ads. ruins the fun of the game :(

By Csrs.
January 22, 2021
3 out of 5
Ads Interupting

I understand that you need to run ads. But, in the middle of matching? I’d rather sit through multiple ads between matches than
during the match.

By Acey2018.
January 4, 2021
3 out of 5
Way too many ad interruptions

The quickest way to lose a player is to insert ads every five or six moves. I had this app installed for fifteen minutes but
deleted it because of the ad frequency.

By GibbyG.
December 30, 2020
3 out of 5
Great game, but...

Awesome game but WAY too many ads to enjoy playing it

By aljayd.
December 30, 2020
3 out of 5
An Ad-Lovers Dream Come True

Fun game concept. I really liked playing the first 30 seconds of this game, until the rampant ridiculous legion of ads began. Is
it too much to ask, that I at least finish the game I’m in the middle of, before the next long ad starts? It’s maddening to
constantly be forced to a screeching halt durin

By O.K. Carlos.
December 18, 2020
3 out of 5
How can I get rid of the adds?

Is there a paid version that can remove adds? The adds really mess this game up when trying to play

By Stevesbidone.
December 2, 2020
3 out of 5
I love the concept - but....

I enjoyed the first few games I played, then I quit because the frequent ads were annoying to the point of being a dealbreaker.
This has the potential to be my all time favorite game but only if you find some other way to show the ads.
When I first opened the game, I saw an offer for an ad free ver

By Basil0564.
November 12, 2020
3 out of 5
Has the potential to be better

This game has the potential to be great BUT it has quite a few issues. I’m not one to complain about ads because they usually
don’t bother me but this game has excessive ads! I love the idea of playing against someone else but the game lags and doesn’t
have a smooth transition. Sadly, I had to delet

By KimmiiiiiPooooo.
October 21, 2020
3 out of 5
Fun game but same items

Same exact items every game, I like it but after my 13th game I’d like to see different objects. Will not go past level 13.
It also shows you’ve won , but does nothing after 3rd game just has prize box , doesn’t open. I have to go out of game & come
back in to play. Oh well, guess it’s time to dele

By Legomomowner1.
August 6, 2020
3 out of 5
Locks up at level 13

It was fun until it locked up at level 13. I read in here that this happens to many (most?) people. So fix it already! Will delete
the game if I can’t move on.

By 28pamela.
July 31, 2020
3 out of 5
Winning tournament 16 multi times

Is there any more past 16? I keep winning it then nothing happens- Game sticking?
Is there a point to this game? I have nothing to spend 720 pink gems on.
I like that the previous game had an overal scoreboard in a tournament.
The opponents r too easy- I beat most of them 2x over.
Plz make it a l

By ClashAllie x.
July 29, 2020
3 out of 5
Game sticks

This is a super fun game but it’s stuck on level 13. I’ve played and won that level countless times but can’t collect the
prize and move on. If I wait long enough (often an hour or more) the game resets back to the beginning of the level 13 tournament.
So frustrating!! Please fix this so I can play

By Coreyp11.
July 26, 2020
3 out of 5
Annoying Glitches

The game glitches after every tournament you win and you can’t collect the prize so it has to be restarted again after every
tournament. Other than that I like it so far!

By Chrizzy504.
July 24, 2020
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