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by Choongwhan Shin

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User Reviews for Memong

Reviews: 9Avg. Rating: 8.8/10

Positive reviews

4 out of 5

i like the app! however i would like to have the option to add additional boxes because we’re limited to the ones provided! i
would also like to be able to change the title of the memo! i also would like to be able to have a search feature

By zhjsksksjsksksls.
January 13, 2021
5 out of 5
very cute and nice!

the app is so great, it’s so cute and aesthetic! it’s the perfect app to have neat notes!

By xkslf.
January 12, 2021
4 out of 5
This would be great.....

If it had audio notes as well!! Please try to develop this in the future 😊

By HHJ13.
January 11, 2021
5 out of 5
Love it!

I love the app! It’s so cute and simple and no one mentioned you can back it up on your iCloud which is important for me if I
ever lost my phone. Developer: if possible, allow us to change the header where it says β€œmemo” β€œwishlist” etc. That way I
can name the title/header on my notes rather than ju

By Mellllll1234567.
January 2, 2021
5 out of 5
예쁘고 μ’‹μ•„ν•˜λŠ” μ–΄ν”Œμ΄μ—μš”. λ ˆμ‹œν”Όλ…ΈνŠΈ 양식 μΆ”κ°€ν•΄μ£Όμ„Έμš” γ… γ… 

μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš” κ°œλ°œμžλ‹˜. 정말 잘 μ“°κ³  μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 글씨도 동글동글 κ·€μ—½κ³  색감도 λ„ˆλ¬΄ μ˜ˆλ»μš”.
ν‘Έλ“œν”Œλžœ, 가계뢀, 체크리슀트 λ‹€ λ„ˆλ¬΄ 쒋은데 λ ˆμ‹œν”Όλ…ΈνŠΈ ν•˜λ‚˜ 더 λΆ€νƒλ“œλ €μš”. 예쁘게 λ§Œλ“€μ–΄μ„œ
ν”„λ¦°νŠΈν•΄μ„œ 냉μž₯고에 뢙여놓고 μ‹Άμ–΄μš” γ…Žγ…Ž.
λ ˆμ‹œν”Όλ…ΈνŠΈμ—λŠ” 재료, μš”λ¦¬λ²• μ •λ„λ‘œ μΉΈ λ‚˜λˆ μ Έμ„œ 예쁘게 기둝할 수 있으면 μ’‹κ² μ–΄μš”.

By λ‚˜ννžˆ.
November 6, 2020
5 out of 5
I like it!

Good application. Please add a fuction that to use decimal point(e.g. 12.31) when entering amount in Expense Log memo. Thank you!

By Yeoneui.
July 13, 2020
5 out of 5
Five stars!

I love Memong and use it a lot. Note to Developer: please make it possible to take a photo and also make an iPad-specific version.

By Takeoutchick.
July 6, 2020
4 out of 5
Great app for keeping track of things happening ev

I really love this app !
I like how this app has many different forms to write so you can choose specific one you need. Plus it has cute stickers.

But there are 2 extra functions that I want developer to apply to the next updated version of this app
First of all, I’d like to use this app on my iPa

By yonsei12.
May 4, 2020
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Critic reviews

3 out of 5
Great App! but slight annoying change :(

I love making notes and writing about my day, but todo lists and checklist won’t allow me to add additional checkboxes πŸ₯Ί
please allow me to add more checklists i especially need them for homework to do lists! so either i need more check boxes or less
homework, and something tells me i i can maybe ge

By Myia Bevis.
January 12, 2021
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