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Office Life 3D

by Good Job Games

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User Reviews for Office Life 3D

Reviews: 194Avg. Rating: 8.2/10

Positive reviews

4 out of 5
'I love it just one irritation'

'I love this game but one day I was going to play the level where you have to sort the coins. Then I saw that the basket for it
was empty. So I tried to refresh that app. Did not work, when I try to go and do it again it doesn’t work. This has been a huge
problem for me because when I get in the

By #DBKids.
October 16, 2020
4 out of 5
'Frozen and stuck on one part'

'The game is a fun way to pass the time and get a good laugh. There’s a part that continues not to load correctly when you are
trying to filter out money. It will either not load correctly or you can’t use the sift action.'

By KMMarshall.
October 15, 2020
5 out of 5
'Wow, highly recommended!'

'This overall is a great game and it has no problems. I’ve been playing a few different games and they have so much ads, this
game is different it has way less. Another great thing is that they don’t repeat like things you do in levels they switch it
every time! In the other few games I have bee

By annabble.
October 12, 2020
5 out of 5
'This game so cool'

'I don’t like the ads but the game is great I don’t no what else to say bye'

By hhhhhfhthbffgjhjvjkguk.
October 10, 2020
4 out of 5
'Good game but...'

'So I love this game but, I got to level 215 and it just stopped. The thing is where you have to sort the coins and I have to keep
refresh and all I see is 1 coin or two paper clip things. And it won’t let me shake it. No matter how many time I
refresh,exit,close out and reopen. IT WONT WORK!!\n\n

By Alisstar_____*hi.
October 9, 2020
4 out of 5
'Too many ads'

'There is WAY too many ads! Please fix this! Thanks!'

By Rk:)))).
October 7, 2020
4 out of 5
'Love it but'

'So I love this game it’s really fun but a lot of adds then I learned put it on airplane mode and boom but then you won’t get
text but yeah love the game-:3'

By fggghfgvkt.
October 5, 2020
5 out of 5

'I like the game but don’t play it anymore (one reason I’m about to say) one because I’ve gotten to it just repeating and
the second reason is because on level 215 it’s the coin one where you shake the holder (not the devise) yea it’s broken
nothing happens when I swipe it and only one coi

By 2019 is gone😭.
October 4, 2020
5 out of 5
'Please add more'

'After 215 my game did not work the shaker did not show up even after restarting my game many times it still was stuck on level

By ktm-g.
October 4, 2020
4 out of 5
'It’s so fun!'

'Hello! I just downloaded this game and I love love love it! But maybe an update not a lot of things to do.but I really enjoy this

By Wolfthing72637.
October 3, 2020
5 out of 5
'Office life'

'I’m already at level 1 and i fell in love with it'

By Kisler77.
September 29, 2020
5 out of 5
'Good and bad'

'It’s good but there’s one problem there’s too much addsI just want to play not just watch ads I want to this game because
it looks fun but it’s not causing too too much I just want to play not just watch add I want to this game because it looks fun
but it’s not because you’re too much t

By mora🤸‍♀️.
September 26, 2020
4 out of 5
'Great App!!!!'

'I love this app!! ❤️ I am always playing it. You have to try it, but the only thing is that it’s always freezing. 😕 but
I would definitely recommend it'

By Zom65.
September 21, 2020
5 out of 5

'This game is really coo and it\'s really relaxing I would recommend this. I\'m a really \"retarded girl\" and this game is just
for a retarded person like me. I love this game and this game is for you, you and you. Now for you to see my retardedness
👈🏻did you see that😜😚🤣🤣🤣'

By lala leshon.
September 20, 2020
4 out of 5
'Awesome game but to many ads'

'Edit:Please no ads and this is really annoying getting on my nerves please no ads'

By adasa d ryan.
September 19, 2020
5 out of 5
'Awesome game'

'I’m getting ready for the real world! It’s so so so so much fun show your parents the review they will probably say yes.
It’s ages 4+ so if your 7 or 8 you should get this game you can do work on computers in this game you can cut paper even though
it’s not so interesting. But it’s still

By Poklepokle.
September 16, 2020
5 out of 5
'Peppa pig with you'

'We are reviewing inside of peppa pigs nose'

By killer sans is evil lol.
September 15, 2020
5 out of 5
'The best game I have ever played!!!!!!!!'

'This is the best game I’ve ever played. I hate completing about games but the only thing I would change is the levels there all
the same. But other than that I LOVE this game. U so need to get this game. 😛'

September 13, 2020
4 out of 5
'It’s was good'

'The app was great I think the only 2 things that wasn’t the best was they repeat the same mini games over and over again and
durning each one you have an ad every 10 seconds'

By Ririflexx.
September 13, 2020
5 out of 5

'Hdhdhdbbdbxhdbbdjdjdmkdkdjejbdbdbdbfbbfbfbfncjjcuduxuxdhhdbrbrvrbdjxudhrbrbififurjjfifjdnnfkrororihrbfhhfudbbfhhxhxbdbjridi gift
do us ah of egg of egg oh ah du egg'

By BlessedBeBetch.
September 12, 2020
5 out of 5
'It is amszeing donlod this game'

'It’s mine bloing🤯🤯🤯🤯'

By jrffnfejdddm.
September 12, 2020
5 out of 5
'Office life'

'This game is fun I just got it earlier today and it’s so fun'

By BigD4720.
September 11, 2020
4 out of 5
'Love it'

'I love this game it is so fun.the only thing I don’t like is the ads each round I get an ad I would love it if you could lower
that overall I love the game I recommend getting this'

By i love it like i love puppys.
September 11, 2020
5 out of 5
'Great game'

'Although the game has some flaws it’s a really good game to play and high quality the ads are annoying but it’s worth if it
means I get to keep playing legit if your bored just download this game it doesn’t bored me at all I usually download games and
delete them later but I been playing Ever

By nshsbajvababsvabbabab.
September 10, 2020
5 out of 5
'The best game ever'

'I downloaded it and I like it I go to school soo it’s good for me I’m in 3grade but it’s fun I like its 🧒🏼😁'

By cute akte.
September 8, 2020
5 out of 5

'Me and my brother just got it and the adds don’t lie and it’s so DISTRACTING when your in a bad mood I’d recommend it'

September 7, 2020
4 out of 5
'I like it'

'It’s pretty good tbh, the tasks are really fun and creative. As for ads, they appear every 1-2 levels (if that annoys you, just
put your phone on airplane mode lol). I would’ve given it 5 stars, but after about 30 levels they become repetitive with little
changes, which doesn’t interest me to

By Buckylover.
September 6, 2020
5 out of 5
'One of the best games'

'Office life is a fun game it is super addictive and it is fun unlike other games from the app store'

By jtigngjgjg.
September 4, 2020
5 out of 5
'No ads for me and you'

'There’s no ads wich is amazing 😉'

By qt fulfy.
September 4, 2020
4 out of 5
'The ads'

'There are way to many ads I like the game and all but every time I try do do something there is a ad'

By alibirdmartinfamily.
August 31, 2020
5 out of 5


By fvrgrtfggt.
August 30, 2020
4 out of 5

'This game is good but there’s a lot of cermershols'

By the world of sharks.
August 28, 2020
5 out of 5

'This is so fun I love it/ I like working haha'

By day is night.
August 28, 2020
4 out of 5
'To many adds'

'I love this game it’s really satisfying and I could spend hours on it if there wasn’t so many ads I know they need to make
money but seriously too many'

By achkpobcfbn if duh.
August 28, 2020
5 out of 5
'So nice'

'This perfect for a kid like me'

By jfadbj.
August 27, 2020
5 out of 5
'I am so in love with this game/app'

'I am so in love with this app'

By R700discordUSER.
August 27, 2020
4 out of 5


By kmarie1224.
August 26, 2020
4 out of 5
'A request.'

'Ok, so this is a great and fun game! But please, it has WAY to many ads. I know ads are normal but they shouldn’t come every
minute. Even when I press something like: “No” or “leave it” it still gives me an ad. It’s really frustrating and
started to irritate me when I got the game, it i

By Mene0.
August 26, 2020
5 out of 5
'For you'

'Umm it’s okay not best but uh it’s okay'

By aya adnan musa.
August 26, 2020
5 out of 5
'This is the best game ever oml like it’s so fun

'So fun so fun \nSo fun so fun'

By hfjcjqjrbxicb.
August 25, 2020
5 out of 5

'This game is really fun I like it'

By Corey Magin from Seattle.
August 25, 2020
5 out of 5
'Very good on the ads (real person)'

'The ads and time is amazing if you ask me and it’s entertaining I had myself playing it in the car to go some where. And the
levels are just beautiful. You do replay levels and stuff but it is not bad one bit. Anyways that’s it recommend it'

By Tries glithing games.
August 25, 2020
4 out of 5
'waaay to many ads'

'I love the game and it\'s really fun but there are waaay to many ads!'

By Wtereuwowyw14.
August 25, 2020
4 out of 5

'So is it just me or I did not get the cutting paper game but anyways this game is so much fun it’s gonna get boring in a few
days but still fun to play!'

By Samara brooks.
August 24, 2020
5 out of 5
'What I think'

'This game is really fun when your bored'

By cooldinos.
August 24, 2020
5 out of 5
'Game Review'

'I love it I really think you should get this game . I love how you can learn and play at the same time. And there are barely any
adds woot woot!!!!!!!!!'

By vfhkvfghbbv.
August 24, 2020
5 out of 5
'5 stars.

'If u don’t know me I’m a mom that likes to rate games and see if they are safe for kids and five stars'

By the girl who stands up.
August 23, 2020
5 out of 5
'awesome game!!!👍'

'this game is awesome, i personally don\'t think there is ANYTHING wrong with it.'

By people are making games.
August 23, 2020
4 out of 5
'Nice but too many ads'

'The game is great, it kinda teaches me how to aim and all that but the problem is that there is way too many ads and it ruins the
fun for when I’m trying to play peacefully, but overall it’s very nice and fun.'

By i luv it mich.
August 23, 2020
5 out of 5

'I am a kid but I can work by doing this game'

By doodybut face.
August 23, 2020
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Critic reviews

3 out of 5
'Level 39 is broken for me'

'I was enjoying this game until I got to level 39 and it wanted me to sort coins and nothing loaded. I even uninstalled the game
and installed it thinking it wouldn’t happen again but I got to level 39 and the same thing is happening. :('

By Pringlecraft.
October 15, 2020
3 out of 5
'may be a glitch'

'i think theres a glitch on level 39, its a coin sort level and the sorter thing isnt moving :('

By Skoonie12.
October 15, 2020
3 out of 5

'I got stuck on level 215 ;-; it won’t let me do anything other than that it’s a fun game'

By Waffle-The-Puppy.
October 14, 2020
3 out of 5
'Game broke.'

'I am on level 303 and it just doesn’t want to work. It loads up fine but the mini game does want to play like nothing loads in
and you can’t skip it and if you restart the mini game still nothing. Plz fix'

By jenksboys115.
October 9, 2020
3 out of 5
'Will there be away to remove ads'

'Give us the option to remove the ads because they get annoying after awhile.'

By eddiemathmatic.
October 4, 2020
3 out of 5

'Stinks that there’s so many ads. You enjoy the mini game then boom ad. I wish there was fewer ads, because it seems like it
would be fun to continue playing. Just couldn’t stand tons of ads.'

By drdolittlethe3rd.
September 22, 2020
3 out of 5

'After every ad or just randomly the game freezes .'

By big money rii.
September 16, 2020
3 out of 5
'I love it but...........'

'I personally love this game but too many adds and It lies the add showed it’s like vr but it’s like not at all just atvitity'

By hii!!! :).
September 15, 2020
3 out of 5
'READ ME so sorry I’m so mean'

'To much ads but I still love this game I love Ariana Grande I love her songs'

By maymaymicd.
September 12, 2020
3 out of 5
'multiple issues'

'ok so there is a lot of ads so i have to play without wifi which is really awful. it’s so repetitive!! i get the same things
over and over again and after the 225th level i realized i was done with this game. but it’s fun!! the elevator challenge is my

By stinker_5000000.
September 9, 2020
3 out of 5
'It would be a cute game but...'

'There are so many ads! Which would not be much of a problem except that there’s no way to pay to get rid of them. I’d gladly
pay a couple bucks to get rid of the ads, but that’s not a thing in this game. At first it was just every 2 or 3 levels, but now
I’m getting an ad after every single

By Brendansmommy.
September 9, 2020
3 out of 5
'Phone call'

'OHHHH MY LORD!!!!! The phone where u have to call Krisisy or whatever her name is won’t work!!!! I don’t know why?!?!'

By Savage_lilt.
September 4, 2020
3 out of 5
'To many ads'

'It’s a great game don’t get me wrong just way to many ads.✌🏻👑'

By baileehicks.
September 3, 2020
3 out of 5
'Remove ads'

'This is a decent time killer and simple enough for my younger child to enjoy.\n\nPlease, just let me pay a couple bucks to remove
ads.\n\n5 stars if not for there being no way to buy out of ads.'

By exintrovert.
September 2, 2020
3 out of 5

'Fun game but after you finish the first “day” you’ve seen it all. After that the same mini games just loop forever. That
would be fine if they changed it up and made them get harder. But the graphics are nice and the mini games are fun (albeit easy)
the first couple times through. You can tel

By bagel gamer.
August 31, 2020
3 out of 5
'How can I say this..😒'

'So when you download the game you have to do normal office stuff. But as the game goes on, it asks you to do stuff like, Fit
people in a elavator, or mess around in the office. The deal is, when you try to fit everyone in the elavator it usually kicks
One person out of the elavator and makes you r

By Lil_Cupcake840.
August 29, 2020
3 out of 5

'When I’m trying to call in the game my hand starts to slip! And it gives me trouble just fix the slippery problem \nAnd please
keep the call buttons that you click don’t go away'

By Maddie_BearPup and Akira_Cora.
August 28, 2020
3 out of 5

'When I first got office life it was really fun but you just keep on redoing the levels and it just was so a annoying because I
kept just do the same levels over and over.'

By mmmmmmiiiiiissssss1112222333.
August 28, 2020
3 out of 5
'Good but,could be better'

'I like this game but, do not love it.There is way to many adds and I feel like it’s too easy.This is made for 3-4 year olds...'

By Rylee_Loves_Giraffes_.
August 26, 2020
3 out of 5
'Get rid of the ads..'

'I got this game when I was doodling on subway surfers (don’t mind) and when i saw this game I said “this looks fun. and you
can call people!” So I get the app. I play and on the 2nd stage I got a ad. Yeah I know ads are normal but they give you one
every second and it’s very annoying. I kee

By NaeNaeluvvv.
August 25, 2020
3 out of 5
'ok game'

'i love the game, but i am confused on some of the levels. it’s like they expect ya to know what they want us to do on the
levels. and there are wayyyy too many ads.'

By kdndkfbwifrudhhsjd.
August 24, 2020
3 out of 5
'Great game. Way too many ads'

'Wonderful simple game, but there are way too many ads. I understand the need for ads but an ad after every “mini-game” or
ever two “mini-games” makes it very annoying. Sorry for the negative review, but the constant ads really take the fun away
from the gameplay.'

By susie2929.
August 23, 2020
3 out of 5

'I Just got this game and so far its fun to play'

By T.Ninja.
August 23, 2020
3 out of 5

'There are some adds but it’s not after every level it’s after like 3 or 4 and you can usually skip them do for me that’s
not the main problem. For me when I’m on a level it might freeze or not load properly and I have to exit then come back in.
It’s not my phone because I will be right ne

By KleptoCat teller.
August 23, 2020
3 out of 5
'Great thought, too many ads!!'

'I loved this game...for the first minute I played. After getting ads after EVERY SINGLE mini game...I decided the fun and
satisfaction of playing the game wasn’t worth the amount of ads I had to watch.'

By Katniss Everdeen51205.
August 20, 2020
3 out of 5
'It’s cool'

'It’s fun but to many add’s why would I use all my time playing I’m not all I’m doing is watching to many adds so boo.i
have a tip for you. You can turn off your WiFi so you have no adds'

By Naty H.
August 17, 2020
3 out of 5
'too many ads'

'i want to delete the game because of the amount of ads i get'

By hubyvy*ugu.
August 17, 2020
3 out of 5
'Like it, but too many ads.'

'I realize that if I want a free game, I have to watch ads. Normally this is fine, but when I have to watch a 30 second ad after
every 15 second level, it gets a little annoying and makes me want to delete the game. The game is fun if you like puzzles.'

By Betney Dee.
August 16, 2020
3 out of 5
'Good game but is a little bad'

'Please don,t Jude me I am only nine and I am saying this but in between everything you do there’s a add so there a lot of adds
in this app but the app is realy fun'

By Claire1014.
August 16, 2020
3 out of 5
'You can only play certain games offline'

'This game is fun and entertaining but when it comes to being offline it only allows you to play 3 or 4 games out of the rest of
the games. It would be nice if there was more than a few games instead of the same ones all the time.'

By vanillacupcake75.
August 16, 2020
3 out of 5

'The game was actualy really fun till we had to start doing the same levels over and over again i wouldn’t download because
it’s really too repetitive I mean I kinda see where they tried to switch it up a little but nah it just gets boring'

By Jahnobily.
August 15, 2020
3 out of 5
'kinda boring.'

'it\'s kinda boring, just because after you get to level 5 it repeats the same games over and over again. good to play while
watching movies/tv.'

By FinleysDad.
August 15, 2020
3 out of 5
'Too many adds'

'The game is fun but it has to many ads many, it was annoying and the ads made me loose at a level'

By gamerkuma.
August 14, 2020
3 out of 5

'WAYYYY TO MUCH ADDS.but the game is fun. I took it off my phone cause of all the adds'

By finnydog123.
August 12, 2020
3 out of 5

'It’s the same thing over and over, and I haven’t even gotten to the paper cutting thing, which makes me feel like it
doesn’t exist?'

By dragongrl666.
August 12, 2020
3 out of 5
'Ads ads ads ads ads'

'I hate ads so so so so so so so so so so much ADS \nSo many adssssss but the game in good'

By dodkdjjd.
August 11, 2020
3 out of 5
'False Notifcations'

'This game is a good time waster if you have nothing to do, but at one point a notification said there was a secret level or
whatever at level 333. I really expected nothing to happen but I made it to that level anyways. To my disappointment nothing
special happened. I feel lied to.'

By Ladybot006.
August 10, 2020
3 out of 5
'Keeps crashing'

'My game keeps crashing like all the time. Y’all need to work on that and all of the ads too. Get your app right.'

By issabbelaa.
August 9, 2020
3 out of 5
'Not the best game ever 😅'

'So this game is kinda trashy but the Quality is good and the mini games are fun just try to fix the annoying bugs and your game
might have good potential:)'

By flamingjackel.
August 7, 2020
3 out of 5
'Good game'

'This game had so many ads it is crazy. But other than that the game is really good and I liked all the mini games. The game is
pretty fun I just don’t like how many ads there was'

By theeggisher07.
August 6, 2020
3 out of 5
'some of the games confuse me'

'so most of the games are fun and cool...but the phone one is so confusing, like i try to call the # but it doesn’t work'

By jcuskabdixmB.
August 6, 2020
3 out of 5
'Good game, too many ads'

'This is a fun game but there are wayyyyyy to many ads like i play one mini game and they give 2 ads in between each one. It’s
like there’s more ads than games. They need to fix this IMMEDIATELY.'

By brooklyn929.
August 5, 2020
3 out of 5
'Some major flaws'

'I’d hate to complain about this but there are a LOT of adds, after every single level. There’s not much interesting here. No
sound effects, no music, and its very, very repetitive. I got to level 200 in two days, and they didn’t get much more difficult.
Its cute and I like the app but there

By Sheep4301.
August 5, 2020
3 out of 5
'Too many ads'

'This game is overall really fun to play but there are WAY to many ads. It gets frustrating when you watch more ads than you do
play the games.'

By gatto_lsw.
August 5, 2020
3 out of 5
'Pretty good'

'I mean it intertained me but each challenge are too short and I can’t like , umm , enjoy the challenge but otherwise its a
great game no worries. I highly recommend it 😁'

By yaasssssyessssyassssyessss.
August 4, 2020
3 out of 5

'I loved the game but there was an ad very second and I don’t like that 😕'

By Laurens ad.
August 4, 2020
3 out of 5

'The game is fun but it’s too easy and it gets really repetitive after 5 minutes. I’ve played up to level 50 and the part that
you can’t the paper like in the ad never comes up'

By ThatOneAnimeNerd.
August 3, 2020
3 out of 5
'It’s ok'

'It’s a great game to play and I like that u can play it without WiFi but the levels just replay over and over and I wish that
it had more games and levels and I would recommend this game when u are traveling bc u don’t need WiFi'

By emojiperson!! yay.
August 3, 2020
3 out of 5
'It was fun, until...'

'This game only has about 10 challenges. Then after that the challenges repeat over and over again, only getting a little bit
harder. It gets boring after a while and you will most likely delete the game. The ads are pretty bad too. You should get this
game but once the challenges start repeating it

By uhhh 123.
August 2, 2020
3 out of 5
'Hate the ad that keeps popping up'

'I’m playing and a dating app ad keeps popping up.'

By bbot1234.
August 2, 2020
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