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Outcast for Apple Watch

by Crunchy Bagel

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User Reviews for Outcast for Apple Watch

Reviews: 27Avg. Rating: 8.8/10

Positive reviews

4 out of 5
'play offline podcasts on your watch'

'Works really well, and pretty much to only transparent way to make sure your podcasts are downloaded to your Apple Watch before
leaving your phones connection.\n\nI just wish that their phone app also played podcasts, as I have to now have two different
podcast libraries to manage. I end up just lo

By ryanramsey.
June 4, 2020
5 out of 5
'Great for transferring podcasts from iPhone to Ap

'Great app that solves the offline playback/transfers issues that plague the Apple Podcast App, and Overcast. I literally fought
with both of these apps for hours trying to get them to sync podcasts and this is the only one that provides a clear picture of
the transfer to the watch. Thank you!'

By Nomadmtb.
May 9, 2020
5 out of 5
'My Favorite App!'

'Works way better than the natural podcast app and only app I’ve seen that lets you play, search and select podcasts directly
from your watch without needing your phone nearby. It can have glitches but every app deals with that when playing directly from
the watch. Read the tips they recommend (li

By Reggae Ball.
May 8, 2020
5 out of 5
'Love it!'

'This app is great, I can stream or download episodes directly to the watch over cell. Finally! For every other podcast app the
watch is a 2nd class citizen of the phone, which syncs sometimes, no others and leaves you hanging. Outcast just
works.\n\nStreaming over cell uses a lot of battery, just

By asjsf.
March 21, 2020
5 out of 5
'Truly Awesome'

'Love this so much more than the Apple Podcast app'

By MattInDurham.
December 8, 2019
5 out of 5
'A must-have for Apple watch'

'Makes listening on my Apple Watch a million times easier - very simple UI, able to switch between episodes, and download eps
right from the watch. Appreciate the independence from my phone since that’s what I bought the watch for. So much more usable
than the Apple podcast app.'

By MiniMedicTiffani.
November 1, 2019
4 out of 5
'Enhancements Requested'

'This is a great nifty app however can we have download function for non-LTE smart watches? It would be appreciated.'

By roychanxg.
October 12, 2019
4 out of 5
'Not Perfect, But Close'

'Better than Apple’s offering. Better than Overcast for Apple Watch listening. It’s not perfect and it takes a little while to
figure it out. It also helps to restart it every so often. But once podcasts are downloaded and sorted into a playlist, it just
works and plays consistently. It’d be n

By derap79.
August 8, 2019
5 out of 5
'Still better than apple’s watch app'

'I got this before apple released their podcast app for the watch but I still like it better, you can download podcasts right on
the watch and they don’t auto-delete which is good for jogging podcasts etc where you want to listen to the same one repeatedly.
I do use the stock podcast app on the ph

By A pretty pretty racing car.
May 31, 2019
5 out of 5
'Works great'

'Works like it should but keep in mind you have to disconnect the watch from your phone and leave it connected to your WiFi for it
to download tracks. It takes a couple minutes after you phone is turned off for the watch to actually connect up to the WiFi then
it works like a charm. \n\nI love usi

By 78rn.
May 31, 2019
4 out of 5
'Been crashing lately but still great'

'Downloads are very fast when not connected to phone. Kind of a pain to disconnect to download. Wish there were workaround for
that. \n\nHas been crashing lately which forces me to delete and re-install and then of course re-download episodes.'

By slepewoker.
April 20, 2019
5 out of 5
'Great watch podcast'

'This app is the best watch podcast I have found!!'

January 21, 2019
5 out of 5
'Garage logic'

'I’ve been listening since the beginning of garage logic. Living in the state of Mn garage logic is like an oasis from the
insanity. When I heard the radio show was going off the air I thought good luck to all of us...thanks for continuing as a podcast!
Sincerely, Bruce'

By stewbay.
December 12, 2018
5 out of 5
'Best podcast app'

'So nice to be able to download directly to the watch. Great customer service too!'

By Fiysgjutfgugff.
December 5, 2018
5 out of 5
'Best gets better. Now with chapter support.'

'Now with chapter support, Outcast has all but replaced Overcast as my daily driver. All watch owners who listen to podcasts must
download this. I don’t know what’s next, but this app just gets better and better. \nPerhaps an opt-in for auto-sync?
Auto-sync has been a fail on Overcast, but maybe

By D’Anconia Copper.
December 5, 2018
5 out of 5
'5 stars, my favorite WatchOS app'

'The absolute best standalone Watch podcast app, use it every day. App updates keep getting better and new features.'

By Full Justified.
December 3, 2018
5 out of 5
'Good on Series 3 and Great on Series 4'

'Everything about this app is great EXCEPT the horrible BATTERY DRAIN. U can see the battery v life going down as the minute goes
by. It\'s insane. \nI had this app installed when I had my Applewatch series 3 running watch OS whatever version it was during
late 2017 until buying my Series 4 here in

By 1dopebloke.
November 4, 2018
5 out of 5
'A killer app for LTE Apple Watch'

'Fantastic app if you like listening to podcasts without having to be tethered to your phone. The UI is has a bit of a learning
curve but it’s easy once you get used to it. Works best when you DON’T have the phone nearby. I use this app mostly on walks
and bike rides, and I usually wait until I

By Domics.
October 13, 2018
4 out of 5
'Great app!'

'Better than the native Apple Watch podcast app. I just wish it would sink with the native app., so I could remember the podcast
that I already listened too.'

By AppFan365201392.
October 10, 2018
5 out of 5

'Update: My minor gripes have been addressed and this app is now perfect. On watchOS5 I still prefer Outcast to the built-in
podcast player for multiple reasons, namely complication support (even Apple’s own app isn’t available on all watch faces:
“courage,” I suspect), and on-demand downloa

By howDT.
September 26, 2018
5 out of 5
'The best there is!'

'I’ve tried all of the podcast apps for the watch and outside of maybe Apple’s official app this is the best experience you
can get on the Apple Watch as a standalone experience. The watchOS 5 update is killer - amazing use of complications, supporting
the new playback features in os5, and smart

By tchaten.
September 25, 2018
5 out of 5
'Absolutely love it'

'I bought an Apple Watch 3 with Cellular for 2 reasons; I’m sick of carrying around a gigantic phone and I wanted to be able to
listen to Christian podcasts while I was hitting golf balls, shooting hoops, etc...without having to lug around my phone...and
this app is excellent for your Apple Watch.

By JCgr84me.
September 24, 2018
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Critic reviews

3 out of 5
'needs update'

'i really like this app, but recently it stops playing randomly and has to be manually restarted. doesn’t matter what device I
listen on. so i’m thinking a recent os update broke something.'

By acmul.
July 10, 2020
3 out of 5
'Half Baked! Has Potential.'

'So much potential! Falls short right now though :-(. Downloads to iwatch are slow. There is no screen to show \"new episodes\"
for the podcasts you subscribe to. Therefore you need to manually know ahead of time which podcasts have new episodes you\'d like
to grab.'

By ak406.
May 28, 2019
3 out of 5
'Buggy Outcast'

'Plays great for an episode then won’t load the next in the series until later (random but usually at least a couple of
hours).\nAlso, you have to keep the app open on your watch in order for an episode to download. This is not easy on an Apple

By ElfToo.
January 27, 2019
3 out of 5
'Ok, but only because it’s the only option'

'This is the only way I’ve found to get podcasts onto the Watch itself, so it gets stars for that. But it’s fiddly to use,
incredibly sloooooooooooow, and just not that great as an actual podcast player. Still, I’m glad it exists since Apple made such
a crappy watch that couldn’t do much on

By Jayson Elliot.
October 19, 2018
3 out of 5
'Disable Bluetooth to force WiFi'

'This app has been the most valiant effort to work around the limitations of WatchOS 4.\nUnfortunately, the recent update seems to
have broken the app on my series 3 watch. \nHopefully, a WatchOS 5 version is in the works or ready for publication with WatchOS 5
on the 17th.\n\nWatchOS 5 should provi

By Oddj0bs.
September 16, 2018
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