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User Reviews for PokerFace

Reviews: 229Avg. Rating: 9.4/10

Positive reviews

5 out of 5
Nice game

I enjoy playing here more than any other poker game.

By 79Ben.
July 26, 2021
5 out of 5
Great Gaming App

No matter where I’m at I can enjoy Pokerface and meet great people while enjoying the game.Pokerface is Awesome .

By ❤️to Win.
July 26, 2021
5 out of 5
Just found THE FACE

I just found this site and it’s awesome, great video and fun to talk to y’all n meet new folks.

By Charles A. the Gman.
July 26, 2021
4 out of 5
Fun to play

At first i was a bit camera shy but you get use to it after a while

By jro mendoza.
July 24, 2021
5 out of 5
Best game ever

Addicted to this game, kept me out the casino lol

By dgat2x.
July 23, 2021
5 out of 5

Cool game playing with family all the time thank you 👍🏽🔥

July 22, 2021
5 out of 5
Life is a Gamble R U READY TO GO ALL IN!!!

This Game can get intense at times also mite have trash tlkers or wut not but u can always leave that table n chose also gives u a
free spin fo chips!!!! But for most parts ITS A GREAT GAME TO PLAY!!!!

By Yaahmpton700.
July 21, 2021
5 out of 5
Love the game

I play this game 24/7, and love how easy it is to catch on

By kingofhearts❤️❤️.
July 21, 2021
5 out of 5
Just awesome

Like the interacting people bluffff a lot

By culipastra.
July 20, 2021
5 out of 5

Good site love playing on my spare time

By revdezer.
July 20, 2021
5 out of 5
Nice Game!

Well played. Just wish I had more luck and didn’t have to wake on chips so long. And only get a little bit. The spin table needs
higher cash on it.. Just food for thought. Thanks

By Okcufohunter.
July 17, 2021
4 out of 5
Fun and Entertaining

Definitely enjoy this app. Loss of a start for minor app bugs but overall Great!!!

By M. L. Banks.
July 15, 2021
5 out of 5
Closest to real thing

As a person who plays in casinos, this is as close as it gets.

By psn:milli504.
July 15, 2021
5 out of 5

Love playing this game have enjoy made some great friends all across the world

By Coles mo.
July 14, 2021
5 out of 5

Easy to use love that you can talk to the other players as you play

By micolea.
July 13, 2021
5 out of 5

Good games lots of betting excitement no real money to be made

By DatGirlNina.
July 12, 2021
5 out of 5
⭐️Allstar Pokerface🌟

Awesome game frame rate is a little slow at times but I’m guessing that’s from traffic . Still five stars ⭐️

By Robbie480.
July 12, 2021
5 out of 5

It’s all that and a bag of chips.

By 😳 Dismayed.
July 11, 2021
4 out of 5
Free chips got me started. When you lose money, yo

Free chips got me started. You get better when buy chips and lose. Fun game.

By Zedmudd.
July 10, 2021
5 out of 5
Overall fun cool app

Love this app and all of the options and different events and sales on the chips.

By nikkiluvz512.
July 10, 2021
5 out of 5
Face poker review

Awesome game , it’s like your playing with real people , cause you are !!! It’s face to face an it’s the first game to have
this an it’s just hands down the best Texas Hold’em game ever !!! For now !!!!

By Jditaliano.
July 10, 2021
5 out of 5

I like to play the $5 -$10 and it defaults to the $100k table how can we fix this???

By owens auto.
July 9, 2021
5 out of 5
Fun & Entertaining

Great game, with good social groups all around well rounded game and good old fashion poker

By DanBGonzz.
July 8, 2021
5 out of 5
Is so much fun!

You meet great people on here…. Some are really good poker players. Is very enjoyable! Is a great app and definitely a whole
lot of fun.

By Virtual poker.
July 7, 2021
5 out of 5
Love the idea

Funn most players are cool. Ugly toxic one as usual lol

By ttttgod.
July 7, 2021
5 out of 5
Love it!!!

This game is amazing the most authentic mobile poker game ever invented

By ShaneT21.
July 7, 2021
5 out of 5

Love this game it’s fun if u like cracking up with people

By Chris2013$.
July 6, 2021
5 out of 5
Camera disable

Should be able to disable camera

By CuttingEdgeLandacaping.
July 6, 2021
5 out of 5
Awesome :-)

So far the best interactive poker game I’ve come across love it 👍

By kpoker.
July 6, 2021
5 out of 5
Best ever

Great game 😃. It’s 1738.

By mfuite.
July 6, 2021
5 out of 5
Good review for this game

Great game and video is awesome

By mikeymike2300.
June 30, 2021
5 out of 5
Good way to connect with friends

Great to socialize when you are stuck at home

By rick58301.
June 29, 2021
5 out of 5
First timer

I like it and I don’t know how to play

By lil green89.
June 28, 2021
5 out of 5

This game occupies all my time an is fun interacting with other people an not emojis

By lj fixit.
June 28, 2021
5 out of 5
Rip off

This game is a total rip off I wouldn’t invest any real money in it because it glitches out on u in the middle of hands and they
don’t reimburse you

By plycako.
June 27, 2021
4 out of 5
Fun game poor tech support.

The game is fun. Totally fixed of course to profit but fun. I wish they had better tech support. I signed up with Face book and
share my account with my husband and hs name is first on the account. Ive tried several times to change my Pokerface account to my
name with no results. It’s frustrating t

By Susie Tunes.
June 27, 2021
5 out of 5

Wish there was a way for the games to stop always connecting. I’ve lost millions in the last few days because of this glitch

By Mr. D3.
June 26, 2021
5 out of 5
Best Game Made

More games need to be created like this 🔥✔️💯

By Sharkwear.
June 26, 2021
5 out of 5
Why play Pokerface

It’s taught me to determine what people have in there hands by the way they bet, but then they will bluff too which will confuse
you a bit. I’ve met some nice people and some that are not so nice. I’m having a good time and the people in my group that I
play with say I have a good reputation on my b

By surfinrainbows.
June 25, 2021
5 out of 5
This game is fun

I have played this game for a little now and it’s so much fun because the people are chill and relaxed and no one is super hyped
up . Great game to chill

By jetsfan129boii.
June 24, 2021
5 out of 5
Wow the best poker game ever

This game is unbelievable. It’s so much fun and addicting. I find myself playing it for multiple hours. It’s so easy and all
the free chips you get every four hours. The great live interaction with other people has made a must have app on my phone!

By bornready23.
June 24, 2021
5 out of 5

Love playing this game with all my buddies!!!

By picadr1023.
June 24, 2021
5 out of 5

Cool relaxing with cool people!!!

By TILT_31.
June 22, 2021
4 out of 5
Fun Fun

Nice fun game of poker to pass the time.

By RHBalla.
June 1, 2021
5 out of 5
Best App Out!

Love this app, and its seamless transfer from player to player. Best poker app I've ever used.

By J13J13J.
May 31, 2021
5 out of 5
Awesome poker game app.

I love it poker game is awesome app.

By Tenz$.
May 31, 2021
5 out of 5
Great live poker

I like the way you can interact with everyone

By Bet'nBig'r.
May 30, 2021
5 out of 5
The Best Poker apk ios app i ever created, please

The Best Poker apk ios app i ever created, please play it correctly. even if youre on bluestacks use logitech or better camera pc
cam please

By Bitcoin Creator.
May 28, 2021
5 out of 5

The best Poker app I’ve played yet!

By Barburr501.
May 28, 2021
4 out of 5
Why not

Just wish we could text each other

By white_boymoney.
May 28, 2021
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Critic reviews

3 out of 5

It is fun and like the real game but after you get to a higher rank it starts getting rigged and not given you good stuff at all

By no good nicknames left lol.
July 24, 2021
3 out of 5
I like it.

It’s pretty much gives me a feel of being at the table.

By Shawn692729.
July 13, 2021
3 out of 5
Playing with friends/Family

Needs a update where you can buy in with however much you want. Also would be nice if you can change some settings like increase
blinds after so many minutes etc……

By Michael Dean York.
June 22, 2021
3 out of 5

Ok but connection to game not great unless directly on WiFi

By lickmydill.
May 27, 2021
3 out of 5
I think it rigs you from your money the more you s

Fun game but takes a lot of your money

By issaccon.
May 21, 2021
3 out of 5
Need better deals

Many poker apps have deals except this one. You’ll see a $2.99 deal every now and then but no good $50 or $100 deal. Should be
more deals because people wanna buy chips if it’s a good deal

By Lee9313.
May 19, 2021
3 out of 5
WiFi compatible

Like The game but after playing quite a few hands it starts lagging and reconnecting when I’m on Wi-Fi. And when I switch to my
mobile data it uses a lot. And even then it will start to lag. This should be adjusted I can’t afford to use up my data playing
a game when I should be able to play on WiFi

By Ms.Ladi J.
April 23, 2021
3 out of 5

Love the game and the friends I’ve made in the game however, it seems that I’ve been blackballed because I don’t buy chips.
I made it above level 200 with over $250 million won and now it seems impossible to win any hands and my account has been drained.
I can’t get above $10 million unless one of m

By Misha Jay.
April 21, 2021
3 out of 5
Its cool idea

I love that i can play strangers face to face its hilarious a little buggy and i dont trust it yet

By CobraKaiPoker.
April 17, 2021
3 out of 5

Seems to only freeze up when you have a really good hand 😒

By overdose007.
April 16, 2021
3 out of 5
Tired of looking at peoples ceilings!!!

Great idea but no one looks into the camera. You spend all your time looking at ceilings or blank screens.

By Bleak2.
April 2, 2021
3 out of 5
Needs major improvements

I truly enjoy the game, the many flaws become overwhelming!!! Like freezes in the middle of hands that automatically kick you out
or you automatically lose your whole chest and only some time will it start back up wit 1mil. or whatever the stakes are. Hiding
your face doesn’t last long. The pleasant

By B Dav.
March 31, 2021
3 out of 5
Fix connectivity issue

Been playing the game for months. Good idea and platform but the connectivity issue is driving me insane. You may have a good
hand and then lose the connection long enough to get kicked from the hand for not betting. I know the game is free, but fix the
connection issue or I’m gone. I play the ga

By aCandy girl.
February 2, 2021
3 out of 5
I lost chips with out playing a hand

Very bad for business . I lost chips with out playing a hand . There’s a glitch in your system fix it if ur trying to charge
ppl. Asap

By kingluis562.
February 1, 2021
3 out of 5
Too many bugs

Game is really rigged. River card chances the whole table every time need a live dealer shuffle cards

By famadom.
February 1, 2021
3 out of 5
Fun, but also buggy money grab

(Edited review and restored 2 stars based on dev feedback)
Details: The basic game works, and lets us play poker safely during pandemic. That’s very good! Not so good:
* They control the table limit and it was higher the 2nd time we played?! So friends who thought they had enough chips were

By Squarebin.
December 15, 2020
3 out of 5
Fun but they skim

It’s fun with friends but I don’t like how they skim so eventually you will be forced to purchase in game money.

By RkyBrn.
December 14, 2020
3 out of 5
Video poker

Great game I think u guys should have a way to earn some coins while we wait on the free spin

By two45sbeatapair.
December 11, 2020
3 out of 5
Stability issues

Your update made the app even MORE unstable.

By mdstlaurent.
December 9, 2020
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