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Talisman Lite

by Asmodee Digital

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User Reviews for Talisman Lite in United Kingdom

Reviews: 22Avg. Rating: 8.6/10

Positive reviews

4 out of 5
'Great but with caveats'

'This is wonderful to play. It really is so much easier than getting the board out and all the small pieces, so in that regard
it’s wonderful. Also I can play on my own instead of needing other players. And this is the full experience, not some mobile
version. It’s the whole board game you remember and love. Great that they’ve taken the time to transfer it so
faithfully.\n\nHowever, it’s really quite glitchy. Your magic and strength levels seem to dip now and then. Also, if I hop out

By Audiojoe4444.
April 18, 2020
5 out of 5
'A fantastic game'

'I played with my dad and older sister and we all loved it. My dad used to have the actual board game and was very impressed by
the transition to the digital version and now we can never stop playing it'

By Harry Potter queen 44.
April 15, 2020
4 out of 5
'a wonderful conversion'

'a wonderful conversion. A previous update broke online play for me. It now seems ok following a subsequent update.'

By Alix11111111.
November 20, 2019
4 out of 5
'Keeps crashing'

'Having been playing the full PC version this week online and having it keep crashing from network games I decided I’d play the
app version on my iPad - not impressed that this version crashes randomly also.\n\nHopefully these crashes will stop in both
versions of the game as really do enjoy it - takes me back to the 80’s and my old box set.\n\nStill a great game - just some
stability issues :-)'

By Markk880.
May 19, 2019
4 out of 5
'Excellent game, but...'

'...latest IAP and bundle cannot be purchased (at least in the UK) - “Product Code Is Invalid” error.'

By dpeace.
May 17, 2019
5 out of 5
'Great Game'

'I love this game and it works well.'

By LiestaNutalene.
February 13, 2019
5 out of 5
'Brilliant Engrossing Fantasy'

'I’ve never played the original printed board game version of Talisman but this app has captured the feel of that type of game
really well with all the obvious advantages of a digital version.\nThe tutorial sees you nicely on your way and the basic gameplay
is easy to pick up. But if you get as hooked as I am you’ll want to explore combing the various expansion sets too. Each one
changes the basic game in often quite significant ways. Each one adds another layer to the experience. You’ll f

By Lozlolly.
January 21, 2019
5 out of 5
'Instructions please'

'Woodlands looks great but can you add some explanation of what this light / dark fate malarkey is all about? Tried playing a game
but v befuddled.'

By jimness.
June 14, 2018
5 out of 5
'Back to brilliant'

'After a few teething issues with the previous version the guys at Asmodee have worked hard to fix the issue and we’re now left
with an amazing app with amazing content. For any board game players, this is excellent, and the cheap expansions each giving many
hours of gameplay for just a couple of quid per pack. Value for money all day.'

By twisty2k7.
March 19, 2018
5 out of 5
'All working fine again'

'Managed to restore all my purchases no problem!'

By Bathos!.
March 14, 2018
5 out of 5
'Awesome board game!'

'You get a lot of content for free. Faithful to the board game. Addictive and enjoyable to play.'

By Floydianb.
March 13, 2018
5 out of 5
'It’s all fixed!!'

'After the recent move to the Lite version of the app there were issues with syncing previous IAP items. Contacted the customer
support who asked for a couple of log files, and hey presto the new update has fixed the issue. \nThey’ve even put the old app
version back on the store so people can down load this to help with moving the IAP’s over to the new digital accounts.\nSupport
was very helpful and got back to me pretty quick.\nAll fixed and ready to get back to questing.\nCan’t recommen

By Jayc9.
March 13, 2018
5 out of 5
'Problems fixed by the Support Team and back to 5

'Painful loss of DLC after it switched to the Lite App but the Asmodee support team fixed this and its back to being awesome!'

By Iain Hamilton.
March 13, 2018
5 out of 5
'All sorted after update'

'Love talisman, have all the expansions for the previous version. Having been told this is now the current version, signed in with
my Asmodee account my purchases haven’t transferred. Please sort this out, then you will get 5 stars. Otherwise it’s a
brilliant game\n\nNow the update has sorted the transfer issues, back to my fave game'

By cap'n ping.
March 13, 2018
5 out of 5
'Where are all my expansions?'

'The expansions did not transfer over the Asmodee account as promised. However, the Asmodee team fixed it for me in no time. 5

By sikoraraf.
March 13, 2018
5 out of 5
'Still a great game'

'Talisman has always been a favourite since the original board version. I have been using the app version since it came out and
was very excited to see that my purchases were to be available on steam as well. The dlc port didn\'t go as well as planned but a
few emails to the developers has sorted it all out and, I hope, given them the means to sort it out for everyone else having the
same issue.'

By jasmines dad.
March 8, 2018
5 out of 5
'Expansion transfers'

'I too had the problem but emailing the nomads soon fixed it. Small hiccough that is being worked on to make this awesome game
great again.'

By Jbrown83.
March 6, 2018
5 out of 5
'Nomad support fixed it'

'It’s amazing! Restored my purchases quickly and with no cost\n\nIncredible reply-ability. Had it as a board game as a boy and
now teaching my kids about it'

By IainCl.
March 6, 2018
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Critic reviews

2 out of 5
'More content than you might think'

'You just need to pay for the base game to reveal what DLC and bundles are available as in app purchases. Talisman on iOS is like
on giant loot box. Pay and all will be revealed.\n\nI’m looking forward to the day that Steam deletes all the descriptions and
prices for DLC because it just seems crazy having all the details right there at the point of purchase. Apple really knows what
they are doing with the App Store experience.\n\nSeriously go look at Steam if you want to know what content is a

By Magick155.
November 29, 2019
2 out of 5
'Needs fixing'

'One of my favourite games ever, I’ve been playing it for a few years now and it used to be a fun game that I would happily play
for ages, but it just seems to get worse with every update.\nEvery time there’s a major update I have to reinstall all the add
ons I’ve purchased. Gameplay just seems to get worse with constant crashes and glitches and all progress made in earlier
versions disappears. After the last update I’m back down to level 1 after previously being level 45 and all of my r

By Hilldee.
August 18, 2019
2 out of 5
'Frustrating update / changeover'

'Firstly it’s not clear why there’s a new app and the ‘legacy’ app wasn’t just transferred to new ownership. Secondly,
the experience of migrating content to the new app is simple awful.\n\nIt took 3 attempts of installing and uninstalling before my
existing purchases were recognised in the new app, almost like somebody wanted me to spend £35 out of frustration to continue
playing.\n\nIt’s also unclear if I need to retain the legacy app or not, now I’ve installed the app and purch

By TristanDeVerney.
March 14, 2018
2 out of 5
'Poor update'

'As with many people, by the looks of things, I’ve been forced to update the app since asmodee took over. When I updated the app
I was advised it would transfer my purchases and progression over. It hasn’t! If this gets resolved then I’ll happily review
my rating. I loved the old version and had earned all silver runestones plus most of the gold ones now since the update I’ve
lost all that progress. Can you sort this please?'

By Lwrnld.
March 8, 2018
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