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Thief Robbery -Sneak Simulator

by Nadeem Munawar

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Thief Robbery -Sneak Simulator User Reviews (United States)

Reviews: 34Avg. Rating: 8.8/10

Positive reviews

4 out of 5
Add a stealthy way to rob the bank

Add a stealthy way to rob the bank , and please the cops response time is unrealistic when for example using the taz gun on the

By Jake98sd.
June 3, 2022
5 out of 5
Good game

This game is so cool and it is kinda like in real life you should defiantly download this app this is my favorite game and I play
in like everyday well hope you download it and have a blast

By ds,s,s,kekzhnz,z,,z.
June 6, 2022
5 out of 5

Listen, this is coming from a nine year old…. I USED TO HAVE IT NOW 17 PLUS? Edit: wait i just found a game that i had that
looks like this one….. sry

By cat app so cool.
June 7, 2022
5 out of 5
Love it!

I have been playing this game for about 2/1 years and I love it! One reason I love this game is the story line . It’s just so
creative ! I also like that you can do quest.

By myflamingolife.
May 15, 2022
5 out of 5

This game is so much fun and this is my childhood

By TheDontLikeGames.
May 30, 2022
5 out of 5

this is hands down the best game i have EVER played.

By hdjxhdushjsks.
April 19, 2022
4 out of 5
Plz read developer

It takes way to long to reset the building’s plz make it shorter
Every thang else is fine

By Teachgrl.
April 30, 2022
5 out of 5
Wow This game is amazing!

I have been playing for a while me and my friends played
For 3 HOURS. Note to developers please add more places to

By dj man guy.
March 24, 2022
5 out of 5

Best game ever Gregory can’t be stopped!!!!!!!!!!

By dnfhfbnf.
April 1, 2022
5 out of 5
Is good

It is a super derpy and fun game in all

By hllhitxjfxjfxruzrudjfcutx.
March 13, 2022
4 out of 5
Good game

The game was super fun to play but the story ran out to fast, make a long storyline with multiple challenges and maybe make the
cops a bit less op. And honestly if the graphics were just better it would have been 5 stars even with the ads.

By disgruntled abd unhappy.
March 15, 2022
5 out of 5
Good game

This game is fun and I recommend playing this game. There is one thing that annoys me though. It keeps offering me these things
like new backpack or anything else. But still I recommend playing this game though.

By Mr.ztm.
March 21, 2022
4 out of 5
Wonderful game.

I know the game looks sketch, but it surprisingly good!

By nova5706.
February 11, 2022
5 out of 5
Surprisingly fun

This game is really fun. The robberies are creative, and when I first got this app, I quickly got attracted to it and started

By joe momma is the name.
February 24, 2022
5 out of 5
Very good

I loved it but the last time I played i played it it rested my money but I’m downloading it again so let’s see if it happens
again :)

By 🔫🗿die.
February 25, 2022
5 out of 5

No do not get this game it will tech you to rob and then you will go to gall

By Rainbow cupcake cake.
January 23, 2022
4 out of 5

You should add flashing lights to the police cars and maybe add a jail where you can be held when you get arrested

By wyatt cool kid.
January 14, 2022
5 out of 5

I love this game so much I saw it on an add and I’m like- OM
I need this game so bad! And I give it a 5/5 star rate cuz why not!

By Mckenna monahan.
December 28, 2021
5 out of 5

the games in this game are pretty trash but the game is soooo fun. ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ )

By ReEeEeThrdjdhdh.
December 19, 2021
4 out of 5

May I ask that I beat the first level so can you add more and fix graphics a little bit thank you 😊 this game is fun until ur
the best and finished it.

By kay_the7th.
December 21, 2021
5 out of 5
It’s so cool

I totally love this game it’s like Visual reality well it is I really recommend this game

By ndhsmsgxmais.
December 23, 2021
5 out of 5
Things that should be added

I think more cars should be added and more bigger houses to buy I like the game but if its more stuff to do in it people
wouldn’t get tired of playing it and at the car shop more colors should be added and more guns and a 2nd bank.

By kutthroat3_.
December 23, 2021
5 out of 5
Great game has potential

This game is great and it has potential it’s the best game about thievery that I’ve found I’ve played through it multiple
times and each time i had fun they should add more places to rob to make the play time longer

By 8Landon.
November 23, 2021
4 out of 5
Amazing game I love it

I just think there needs to be more stuff to buy because once you get all that money from the bank what are you suppose to buy I
want a shotgun bad and more weapons

By dfsftyyy.
December 2, 2021
5 out of 5
Super fun

You should make similar games like thief robbery- sneak simulator

By blondie bones.
November 8, 2021
5 out of 5

Too many ads. Developers should try extend the city.. the game should be a little bit interactive and purchasing of items like
cars , houses etc.. Good game tho

By lilsnipe9.
September 23, 2021
4 out of 5
Add practice

This game is super fun already but it’d be cool if you guys added a practice mode where nobody’s home anywhere but the cops
are still roaming the streets😊

By ShadowWolf10150.
October 1, 2021
4 out of 5
Meh needs more help!


By troubled guitarist.
October 2, 2021
4 out of 5
A fun thief game

This game is generous with its ads and the stuff you can buy is quite cheap, the story modes are also nice additions too. This
game is a fun thief game.

By RaptorPupil.
October 4, 2021
4 out of 5
Update please

Needs more updates great game to

October 5, 2021
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Critic reviews

3 out of 5
Illiterate Devs

Bruh learn how to spell Jewelry. It’s not Jewlary…

By FlusteredFacebookUser.
May 14, 2022
3 out of 5
Love it…….but

Listen I love the game 10/10 but it is the ads are a big problem there’s to many and can you add a offline mode like section off
some buildings when offline or something just make it offline plz

By dkdkgdigzigdigsogsjgd.
January 23, 2022
3 out of 5
It’s ok

It’s a good game but it’s pretty glitchy

By dtfuydufuf.
October 25, 2021
3 out of 5
Abandoned game

I’ve been playing this game for longer than any of you guys and I know for a fact this games dead.

By syncboi456723.
October 20, 2021
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